Welcome to the madness 👽

The fact that you are able make that single step of walk, you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Really…!!!   Why…!!!

Classical Mechanics

In the attempt to just describe motion of such similar manner (making a step) Newton in his Principia had to assume, the stars of the universe are stationery in order to verify his first Lemma/Law. Seriously, but truth is they are not, however that was the only way we could grasp the concept.

General Relativity

If that not enough, with regards to Einstein Special Relativity Concepts, any movement associated with acceleration, the object gain mass and slows time. So, when you attempt to walk you become heavier and your clock moves relatively slow hahah… That really insane for sure. However, whether is by chance or by design, the position we have in the universe ☄ and earth has made us accustomed to these slightly changes. But what really happens when we just move is deep.

Quantum Mechanics

Then arrived Quantum Mechanics and then things got more bizarre. As the matter of fact even Einstein want to blow the theory out . What quantum mechanics tells simply is, “the moment you see a place to step on, that place/position is no longer there.” hahah... WTF. But somehow miraculously it reappears, but unless you step on, you really don’t know anything in between. Heisenberg cleverly explain the Uncertainty Principle in a manner that the universe is full of non-deterministic processes.

I don’t know what next … but that enough

That simple motion (making a single step) we all take for granted is indeed complicated. In fact, I don’t know how I have been able to walk all these days.

But I’m humbly and grateful I still can.


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