Are rich getting richer, and poor getting poorer?

First thing First, ❗🚫
This article is my articulation on how things works. It's doesn't present the
view that I'm rich or poor, however I am curious to learn from others and share
my views 🚫❗

Let’s start with, statistics, the simple art of counting 1,2,3 … then document the results in a more presentable manner. In brief the above statistics indicate the followings,

 1. The Big Gap.

More than 50% of total wealth is solely owned by less than 1% of the World population. In simple terms, The 26 Richest people had the same net worth as the poorest half of the world’s population, somewhere around 3.8 billion people.

That being not enough, these guys are keep being richer. 📈

2. The Incredible Consistency.

Since all this is documented, reports indicates the largest source of this type of massive wealth concentration is due to consistency acquisition and ownership of long-term sustainable assets. Is That’s All, Yap! It’s Sound, Sooo… simple but it’s NOT!!! Because average person doesn’t even know what MONEY is or ASSET is. In short, an average person sees notes or coins and call them MONEY plus he owns a house or piece of land or car or anything else then name them ASSETS.

3. The General Case.

Last but not least, regardless of the distribution to appear too biased from individual level, it’s also true within various Communities, Countries and Continents. If you will take time and observe Tanzania, 🇹🇿 regardless of lack of enough statistics 📊 the similar picture will raise. Start with How many individuals generate large share of cash flow from food, transport and commercial estates at top level, you will end up with similar conclusion?

So, what the hell does this imply!!!

In summary when economy expands in term of infrastructures and industries that the moment the gap keeps widening fast. A moment of being super poor or super rich.

Typical we are in the process. Especially Tanzanians.

With above explanations it’s possible to raise our odds near 10% or the 1% by:

1⃣st Clearly identify if you are rich or poor? That the easy part, look at the chart, or ask your friends!!!

2⃣nd Learn and apply proper meanings of MONEY and ASSETS. And acquire them. That the life time assignment

3⃣rd Know and understand your local economy, by tracing where your money goes. Then be part of wealth owners. That the personal choice, associated with personal risks.

Last, don’t believe a word I say unless you apply it. That how the 1% deals with most of issues


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