Education Inside Out

Please don’t slap me but …

I think there is almost nothing wrong with the current education however the parameter we are constantly struggle with is how we can utilize that basic education we have gained.

~ Afromist

This sound tricky but I will try to digest it …

Let’s start with the basic education, writing, reading and counting. Majority of students in towns graduate knowing how to read and write to a reasonable extent.

Primarily all human learns to communicate via speech in terms of listening and speaking after that the previous mentioned, reading, writing and counting are extended in their daily activities. And those are fundamental pillars which distinguish us: listening, speaking, reading, writing and counting.

Let’s take some more practical example,

If from the moment you knew how to read, you could dedicate your time to acquire more time to read and read more, it’s an obvious fact all you needed primarily was basic language skill in this case you already know Swahili and some English vocabularies plus access to Library or books. But the tricky part is this, the fact that an individual has been taught to read doesn’t mean s/he have developed reading curiosity. Just by dedicating time reading about life, foods, business, politics, … anybody can be an elite, but most of us don’t. Plus, the price of Library for adults in City 10,000 TSH, books are relative cheap and e-books are almost free. So, from my perspective is the choice we make; the choice of not to read to progress, though we can and we don’t have proper reasons. So, if we can’t utilize basic skills like those what else do we need.

If that not enough, most of people know to write, however the point is similar the fact that people have taught and know to write doesn’t mean they will develop writing curiosity. In fact, they will be able to communicate in form of writing like chatting, writing letter, etc. But here is the strange fact, just by writing a brief summary of daily routines every day, including bad, good, weird, understandable and whatever … someone is able to avoid repetition of similar lifetime errors and offer a profound lesson for the coming generations. Honestly speaking that how civilization was created, it was by massive collection of unbiased information. It is correct to delegate that responsibility to media but the challenge with media is the biased information which results to unrealistic conclusions. So, you better write daily for yourself.

Last but not least,

Most people know to count, 1, 2, 3 … blah blah blah however the choice of keeping records of your daily expenditures is a personal choice, and as the matter of fact that the difference between a businessman and ordinary man is counting tendency. The business man simply counts all losses, counts all profits, counts all expenses, counts all revenues, counts all taxes, counts all loans, counts all depts … hahah… he just keeps counting, for sure we don’t know why but all businessmen really count their moves, when they spend their money, a common person count only once and he is done.

My point is that whatever you have if you apply it consistently and in wide scale there will be enormous difference in the output. However, that is a choice one have to make.

Last but most important for education community is to create helpful and insightful options to those who want to get educated.


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  1. Thom says:

    Sure, what we gain from school is just a small portion of what we are required to have but it’s a sad thing to know that about 95+% depends entirely on the primary knowledge instead of stretching even more,..

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      The room for someone improvement is almost infinity


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