Less πŸ”½ is More β†—

When you think of any idea, especially in business. The first thing to bump into your mind are dozens of ideas with dozens of obstacles and couple of individuals who turn to be hero in those ideas.

In short, the whole process tends to be a disaster. As the matter of fact sometimes it’s better to talk about sports and just have drinks rather than discussing something executable.

The questions strike most of individuals is this, if there are too many ideas, how can’t I see anything suitable for me? The idea I can turn into business or anything real

For most of us, life is like hunting vampire bats in the cave, man!!! those birds are everywhere but again No Where your hand can reach. The fact is unless you know the exactly formula of how to catch those bats, they will keep popping in your face and yet you will capture none hahah!!! and that what happens in real life, MoSt of ThInGs, rEaLyY sUcK.!!!

Let’s have some facts, figures and implications to make this tastier.

How much things sucks in financial sector? πŸ’·
Almost 80% of the word economy is owned by 20% of population, in short almost 50% of all wealth is owned by top 20 individual. To sum it up even the countries which seems to be highly supported by other developed countries end up return much more than what they have been supported with, from the developed country. Have a look on previous posts.

This simply means most of individuals suck at making money and most of conventional wisdom can really drain more money out of your pocket. So, whatever you learn, validate it and pick little which is valid

Let’s jump to education sector πŸ“
Let’s go back to Collage, o-level or a-level or primary education. There was always a list of students, roughly within top 10, whose sum of marks were almost sum Half of class of those who suck in exams. Most of time it was like these guys had a secret meeting with examination officer before release of the exams, but truth is, it wasn’t.

To be straight forward and regardless of many denials of this fact, this indicated that we were not equal from day one, but also we were not stupid, different people are extremely good or bad at different domains, this also indicates cooperation and specialization are inevitable ingredients of matured civilization. So it’s better to find your domain and once you get it, stick on it.

Have a look on your mobile
Just count the number of contacts πŸ“² in your contacts list and check those whom you contact πŸ“ž in a month. You will get this weird conclusion. The fact that you own the phone (communication device) and contact list, doesn’t mean you can communicate. In reality there is a certain number if contacts approximately 10% which accounts for more than 90% of communications, and those are what determine your success or failure. That’s weird but it’s a fact.

So in summary there is a narrow, specific and efficient way in which individuals can “become wealth”, “learn and specialized in certain fields” and “communicate with each other“.

So where does all this led to,

1st: Focus in less which is effective, then keep reducing and optimizing you options

2nd: Well done, you are around 10% of individual with reading curiosity, fact tells most of people suck at self-reading.

The paradox is, only few of those who can read, can then process and execute.

Soon, we will launch small meetups where individuals can met and discuss a way forward especially in financial and economic future. Inbox me if you want to be part of it. They will be simple but effective.

A books I recommend for farther studies from this article which correlate with this article is 80/20 marketing by Perry Marshall


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