The Syndrome of excuses

In every community or civilization there have always being Challenges. Regardless of that, there have being some individuals within those groups who have decided to find their way around and move to the next level.

It sounds like a common known wisdom, but it’s way beyond commonality.

Let’s study gravity,

I know some of us hate bla bla bla …. of physics. But let us simply, tag gravity as something bound all humanity to the ground that’s all (more than that our heads will start spinning around).

Then some individuals for their own reasons started to question it, literally speaking they took it from birds. So they started finding the possibilities of human to be free from bondage of gravity and ground. Remember, all that time gravity was there constantly pull them down.

So in their struggle, some of them, realized “you can create the same buoyant force in air 🌬💨 as which is available in water and hence fly ” The Challenge is, you just have to run fast enough, really 💨 fast. Birds naturally mastered the art long time ago. So they copy and paste from birds and then start exercising their machines 🛩in daily bases in order to perfect them. At first was a crap, but since they knew and see the possibility, they just keep trying.

As the matter of fact, those individuals led to Airplanes we fly today, the key lesson here is gravity ⬇ is still there and people are spending hours in air like it doesn’t exist.

“So its correct to assume that, they have mastered the art.”

But that not being enough, some individuals wanted to complete leave the Earth 🌍, now these were more insane than the previous one. But as usual the key problem was gravity ⬇ was still there.

So, they “knew explosions can propel things, but channeling propulsion and create sufficient force to leave the planet was next level quest.” Sorry for include that hard physics, but point is they did and the mobile services and televisions stations 📺 you just use and watch is part of the fruits of their quest. (that’s sound great and heroic) But don’t forget all this time gravity was still there … not reduce even by a dime, but those individuals find their way around.

That how things works almost all the time. Now, regardless of gravity being a major drawback, all these guys Airplanes designers and manufacturers, rocket builders and sky divers have incorporate and deal with gravity as a certain constant and make their goals reached.

The Irony of this is, for some individuals, all these still seems to way complicated, because once they jump, they fall back down.

So they probably assume if gravity was’t here I could do this and that.

My dear brother and sister gravity will always be there. Till you die.

Let’s go back to business, enough of gravity stuffs …

Make story short taxes and governments have always being there. It’s a tendency for us to blame that government have done this and that, plus taxes are too high, and that’s why I can’t run my business or ideas.

So shame on us …

Like gravity, all taxes and government policies are always escapable, what we mistaken is, we want them to disappear, They Can’t.  You just have to find your way around if you are one of those crazy individuals, but it must be valid in such a manner that laws and legislation will automatically be in your side. As the matter of fact history tells, all times there have been successful people, and it doesn’t have to deal with favors but rather their creativity.

 So, is all this applicable in Bongo or anywhere else, 🇹🇿 Yap!!!, Sure … why not …, ‼ ‼  ‼ ‼

Start with reading the number of incentives on the documents I shared or find similar applicable document which can be applicable in particular industry.


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