Is it an asset or a liability?

You heard about an opportunity, it’s seems shiny, its glorious, its smell f€$king incredible, but when you put aside all these emotional rush and draw a simple Line between Expenses and Revenues, sudden the big picture really sacks, not only currently but also for the last year and 4 years ago.

Qn: Well, how comes we didn’t see it at first place?

Ans: When it comes to money games majority of individuals are highly emotional than rational and to make things worse they can swallow almost any shit.

So, what’s wrong with highly emotional, exciting, funny processes or states? There is nothing wrong with it, until when we start to define things. When someone is super excited and highly emotional anything created that state tends to be an asset. That seems weird!!!. But ask individuals who attended network marketing or crypto seminars for the first time. If the exciting state was a result of network marketing, all of sudden, s/he is super positive with it, without even analyse if it comply with original definitions, the same applies for all other opportunities like real estate, crypto, stocks, Forex, small business, etc… In state like that most of individuals take crazy risks of which sometimes, they can’t be recovered with their entire life, and that really sad.

The EmotionLess State
So, let’s put our emotions away for a moment (Not Forever) and define assets and liabilities. Well, the definitions are really simple. Let’s dive in:

Asset: Anything Involve Activities which generate more revenues than expenses, within a certain period of time. In contrary Liabilities: does otherwise, they have more expenses than revenues. And that all, exclusively. More than that we are complicating things.

So , before you get super excited and act, just sit down and ask yourself,

1. Where is that core thing(anything) we are dealing with here?

2. What are the Activities Involved?

3. What are the expenses in the process?

4. How and how much does revenues will be generated?

5. How long the process will take and how long will revenues keep being sustainable .?

If you can simply grab with your head and write All those things down ( which is a rare process, like met with devil at heaven, just kidding, hahah… ) for a certain asset, and see they make sense , them Boom !!! Dive In.

Dummy Marketers Games:
The downside of today’s investments information are these crazy hypes generated by some marketers whom they block some details. You herd a really cool opportunity but somehow its not clear how revenues are generated, or what really is involved , or the expense are not identified. So all in all, It’s absolutely necessary to do your homework.
You can play the crazy Monkey game of get excited, dive in then get f#$@ed up, hahah…. Last but not least the simpler you identify criteria for your assets of interest the better .

Fact is either you recognize or not, you will constantly interact with Assets and Liabilities, based on activities and time however At the end it will be your choice, what to act upon based on your Definitions.

Your Comments and Criticism are necessary for constant improvements of these articles, don’t spare me!!! hahah…


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