Ancient tales of Currency and Money

First thing First :
How comes everyone in this planet believe in something like a coin, a piece of paper or just an sms from Mpesa ? How did all this evolve to this extent?

Coz believe me, just few centuries ago all this was just like any other bulls@#ts.

Lets go to China back in 11th Century

Merchants used gold , silver and copper to trade, and some get too rich to walk with their precious metals, so it was reasonable to have something to resemble their gold or silver stock, something like a piece of paper, in fact papers were rear. Those papers will be exchanged letter with an equivalent stock of precious metal owned by the Issuer.

So, if I come and buy a land from you, I give you a paper which is equivalent to 50 pieces of diamonds, then I come to fetch my diamonds letter. That make a perfect sense, plus trade will be more easy. Don’t forget the key thing, which is those papers really resembled the precious metal (real thing) to be exchanged letter. Plus, no bank involved.

But Immediately the Government sees an opportunity, coz people have began to trust those papers. Coz they can print their own papers money and own individuals properties, based on the promise written on paper money. Well it worked pretty well and most of China operated that way. From real gold and copper to paper notes.

Then the idea moved to Europe around 1600 A.D. except this time bank were the initiators, as usual each bank just print money randomly. Seriously?!!.Yap You trust the bank, you take their notes, its up to you. Then notes were too many and even the government get confused, So it was reasonable to guide the process, coz all these time was not regulated. So they put the central bank and standard notes and whenever you issue notes you let us know. Don’t forget the key thing, which is those papers really resembled the precious metal (real thing) to be exchanged letter. But, this time banks are involved.

So, generations passed and individuals trust this notes that they resembles real things but deep down they simply resemble some precious metals which were immutable to value depreciation . So depression came to Americans in 1970’s , depression simply mean most of individuals are money less. So they had to solve the problem by printing more money from air. And all other countries copy and paste, the whole stuff. WTF …!!!
QN: Then those notes resembled what. ?
ANS: Everything but nothing

So, while Money had an equivalent of real value, Currency don’t have Plus, all countries operates by currency in the time being.

So, if one bank issue notes based on coconuts, other based on gold, other based on sand and mangoes. How can we correlates the note value.? This is madness. The answer was, they will balance themselves. And indeed they do. hahah…
( … mshahara wa mwezi wa miaka 25 iliyopita, huwezi vuka nao week 1 mwaka huu)

So, that was China, Europe and America, how about Tanzania?

We didn’t have notes, but some of our forefathers were traders and they used FEDHA /silver/ the funny thing is what we call fedha now days isn’t even fedha are paper notes, real fedha is a precious metal, it has real value and usefulness, so are they fools or we are fooled? Then before we reach the high economic level, Germans and Britain’s arrived and wiped every aspect of ancient trades. Then replace it with their systems including the Banks and Boundaries of which we inherited after Independence. No wonder we knew less, but recently things have began to be more clear.

TO ME & YOU … 🤵🏿
So, we have more clear idea about money and currency, then what …
Free advice, take it or leave it,
Living with long term unreliable array of expectations of things like salary raise, commissions and life pensions, is an extreme risky game. Coz they are not immutable to Currency Fluctuations
in contrary,
The choice of consistently search and acquiring profitable assets is the game you should never quit. Real assets are more immutable to Currency Ups and Down

At the end, I always like to finish by this, the choice will always be yours.


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  1. narmie says:

    you got this right brother…unless you know this secret you’ll always struggle in this current world.


    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks for the compliment my dear sister


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