Is it a random or partial deterministic process?

In one way or another life seems to be a total gambling (mchezo wa pata potea). teh teh … And most of things we do, feels like we are just small kids lost in the jungle.

What happened when you and your friend whom you read together, eat together, play and work together. But when you receive a exam, DAMN!!! Your friend SCORES scream that you played alone, eat alone and most of all you read alone. Well that super creepy!!!


That really cool girl/boy you probably chase and try all you can. Then a random person , out of nowhere snap them away from you with such an unexplainable easy. WTF ! Man ! You get frustrated and angry and you can’t reason anymore. Then next time the same shit happen again.

In one way or another life has weird painful outcomes of which at the end of those processes, it forces an individual to believe that almost everything is random, uncertain and full of crazy probabilities. But the bigger reality indicate something way more different.

Somehow, It’s correct to say, bro. for sure you don’t know the hell you are talking about , coz I tried this and that and those, and all they fail, and there was no proper reason for my failure. Coz John, Hassan and Anna did exactly the same and things turn good to them, and guess what life is totally unpredictable.

In deed we don’t know a lot of things but here is undeniable fact, Most of what we call unpredictable processes are derived from our inability to draw down the principles which guide some of the processes. And since most of the principles are not known to majority of us we will have Two options, start learning & deriving those principles OR blaming about everything and assume that life is pure random process.
In either cases its easier to blame someone than taking personal actions. check this!!! ( Headline: Upungufu wa ajira, NANI ALAUMIWE ? ) And media knows human nature, so they maintain these chains of blames to the point that everyone feels like they deserve some sort of special treatments. Hell No! They don’t!

So, if what we call random processes is the results of our ignorance to the law or principles, then how do we start to create our personal laws or principals?

♠ ♣ ♥ ?
Let’s see …
And don’t take it personal…
We assume … … …
If you feel poor and you struggle with money that can be a random process ,
Also we continue assuming … … …
Then you observe the same to your father/mother that he deeply struggle with money issues kind of similar to you, s/he even turn red when you discuss about money, this now half random, half pattern process.
Well let see this … … …
Then at holiday you had an opportunity to visit your grandfather and uncles and Boom! you see the exactly similar picture. If you are naive person you will keep believe, all this is just random, but if you know how to simply count numbers, like 1,2,3,4 then you definitely know 5,6,7,8 gonna follow.
IT’S A PATTERN not a random process, and therefore for pattern to exist there are PRINCIPLES that Enforce the Pattern.
Does that means you had a bad family?, Hell No! They are cool family and they are ignorance of money issues.
If you proceed you discover, almost all rich people are associated with some sort of patterns, almost all intelligent people have their patterns, almost all artists 🖌 have some patterns and so on.

Now you have discover a certain Nasty Pattern which probably have suck blood out of you for 10 Years. Just an example . You still have TWO choices start blaming again or derive new principles for that particular area whether is relationship, financial decisions, health, etc. Most individuals get the patterns but immediately after they understood them they waste their entire life complaining instead of generating a new Foundation of Principles. They will complain about government, health sector, education, life and themselves finally. For example, Instead of blaming your family members concerning financial decisions you can choose to keep a clean written record of what activities your relatives were involved with and what were their preferences. Then start generating your principles from there. Blaming them is a total waste of time, in addition to that it can make you loose your focus.

Before our head starts spinning around let’s nail it down:

  1. You face a problem , which appear to be random.
  2. You find it’s pattern .
  3. You generate principles from the pattern you study.
  4. You test your principle.
  5. If principle works, you move on, else, if the principle fail, you REPEAT AGAIN step 1 like a kid learn how to walk.

This can really feel tedious but the task of building and having your principles is worth spending a life time. I would recommend books and tutorial from RAY DALIO for a reader who want to dig more deeper of this in economy and finances.

The Irony of Choices is that, The Choice of Choosing not to Choose is a Choice like any other Choices and therefore it has its own consequences.


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