Fundamental πŸ“œ and Derived πŸ“ƒ axioms

Let’s say you go back to primary school, then arrive late at school, and met with one of those bad teachers who really know to punish students and promise to give you a free-pass if you can just answer a simple silly questions, “kati ya kuku na yai, kipi kilitangulia?” If you didn’t take a yellow bus to school, you definitely know what next. STROKES! hahah…

The crazy nature of this question is that you don’t know what is the derivative or fundamental aspect of the question, it’s inevitable to fall under the dead loop trap. ☠

Let’s check these more real examples…

FIRE … πŸ”₯
So, lets say you face fire breakout and you know water extinguish fire, that seems really useful, So you run outside fetch some water then you run to fire region and pour some water to fire, then BOOM !!! More fire raises, So do we run or we ignore what we saw and fetch more water?, damn it!!! , let us fetch more water, then again BOOM !!! Holly sh#t, So, do we add more water again or do something else. If we will not switch to sand, and keep doing the same stuff over and over while the fire originate from diesel, will surely burn everything.

So what is the problem brother, it’s simple, WHAT YOU CONSIDER AS FUNDAMENTAL SOLUTION IS NOT, WAS A DERIVATIVE .

And so here is the simple lesson , fundamental concept: Air is necessary for fire to exist, Derived solutions: To stop fire just cut the air supply by water, sand, blanket, CO2 and if you miss all things just lock all the windows.
Remember: The application of derived concept without knowing its fundamental key was not a bad idea but was limited to certain scenarios, and therefore we also faced similar limitations when we followed the similar approach.

Please don’t take this personal …
You graduated university have cool certificates and dive into the job market. (We are all that way except for few crazy individuals goes by many names currently named serial entrepreneurs). Then you hear about the job, and you submit your certificates, then you hear nothing NO FEED BACK. You think maybe next time, then you get rejected again, maybe this time and again they f@#k you up, then again, and again … then you Go Insane and probably sue witchcraft, hahah…

Here is where most of us fails. Fact is, the fundamental reason for us going to school was to acquire knowledge to solve our life challenges BUT the derivatives are like acquire certificates for the job applications, acquire good grades, have friends, etc … in that case,

If your primary goal from day 1 was to acquire knowledge for solving your life challenges, the matter of making your skills Productive and Beneficial was a must from day 1, the existence of job was a temporary added value to your skills from day 1 not a priority. But we pushed that fundamental role to Cooperate World from day 1. eg. “Instead of start with what challenges do I have to solve to generate revenues”, we typical started with “what job am I passionate with and makes a lot of money?” ☺ and guess what !!! We get trapped and f#@$ed up daily by the Cooperate World. Derivatives have terribly cost us.

MONEY … πŸ’΅
Let say the retirement idea that, you give your income to someone else for 30 years then after that you have your money back it’s not appealing to you, so you assume that if you open a fixed bank account and deposit your money it can be safe plus I will just keep sum of it at home. So, you begin your race. Then, In after 10 years your bank account has raised value but things have raised their prices more. WTF!!!. So does the value of your income become less with time? Since your income is earned in currency, the key reason for your loss was for you to play the currency game in place of money game. Previous episodes elaborates clear about this concepts. In summary, though both really look similar by the appearance, BUT The Idea of Currency is the derivative of Monetary Values. Lesson: Since most of our incomes are currency oriented they can easily trick us to think and act like we really own money but we don’t. And that can be hell of stress, If you don’t know what to do next.

My final conclusion is that, it perfectly make sense for someone to put his ass down and eminently note down what are the Fundamental Key Concepts in areas of Finance, though you can apply the same concepts in other areas. Plus you can test their validity by the modal on previous article or else. Well and that feels likes am telling you Hands Up !!! hahah! While I’m not even a COP and indeed I’m not, I’m just a regular person who want to keep you attentive and keep you ready before real cops arrives. In either way, you are free to ignore my call and wait for REAL COPS. You Chose.

” What we merely perceive as ones response is nothing more than their perceptions based on their fundamental axioms of what they define as truth.” In brief, define things properly before you execute your course.


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  1. Walter says:

    πŸ’ͺ Nicely written

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eleadmrina says:

      Kindly appreciate


  2. Bange says:

    Ni Ujumbe mzuri sana kwetu sisi, hasa vijana tunaoanza kupambana maisha.

    Ningependelea nakala hizi ziwe na kwa lugha ya kiswahili ili ziweze kuwafikia vijana wengi na kupelekea mabadiliko Chanya kwa jamii .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eleadmrina says:

      Nashukuru kwa mchango wako kaka, ni wazo zuri sana tunalifanyia kazi ili tuweze kufikia wigo mpana zaidi wa vijana wa kitanzania.


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