The battle of reality versus expectations

Headline itself is full of details. There is saying, nothing is funny in life than life itself. And indeed it is.

So, we arrived at Collage and majority of us had what we called dreams, and they sounded really cool by the moment. Then we eventually created all weird connections between the academics results and those dreams. Guess what happened to those Dreams when we Graduated and return back to Streets. Keep that answer to yourself. Regardless, life still carry on.

Then some had an opportunity of what we term as dream job. Then again, we started making all sorts of predictions. Do you remember, the moment you heard about your 1st interview call, that level of desperation. For sure some of boss feels like these guys can kiss my ass if I ask so. Then PAP ! you had a dream job and suddenly it’s a total crap, hahah… maybe worse than the previous. Some even, wishes to go back to school but damn !!! there is no turning back in life. Plus, you owe government hell shit money from your student loan. All those predictions melt in a thin air like smoke in air.

But, still you feel like there is some potential in you. So, one day you sit down and realize the whole education was almost a total waste of time. So, again you do your predictions that “If I quit and create my own business, my life will be better”. You really hesitate. But hell No, I Can, I Must, I Will from Reginald Mengi strike your mind. Then You Did It. And then all your expectation get shattered by the reality you find. You end up with, “Hollyyyy… Shittt…, was this what Mengi meant ?hahah… YAP, EXACTLY.

Then what about that great partner of yours, they call them soulmates, whom you dated for couple of years, and decided to be Locked Up Forever. Then sudden, out of no where s/he is totally a different person. WTF. It’s always ends with, I don’t believe I couldn’t see this. And surely you couldn’t. So whom was I living with?hahah… It was just a dream.

At this point you can probably tag the writer as the Prince of Dooms But I’m Not. I’m heavily optimistic for the better future. Dreams are cool stuff and we all have dreams, But a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. That’s a nightmare.

So, what do you mean bro?
Let say you predict of being happy one day, coz that itself is a dream, on top of that you think yourself that money bring happiness you are expecting. Now that the dream within a dream. Then you add more to that, when more to that coz you deeply believe that the job you like or passionate with will bring money and that money will bring happiness. Both happiness, money and doing things you are passionate with are great but ain’t correlated the way majority of us predict. That’s why you can find some dudes who are broke (they can barely afford 2 cheap meals and daladala) plus they does shit jobs but they are still full of happy and coolness with their shit life. But other dudes have their dream jobs and money, and they dress nice but yet they are full of sad boring life.

So, most of time we always met with opportunities let say, we purchased a house, bought a farm, opened a shop, started a company or did whatever. Then instantly our brain pile up a lot of expectations, then within a short period of time our heads starts freaking out with every procedure we does because of weird reality we incur. e.g. You quit your job, You start your business then That business sucks, 1st month 0, 2nd month 0, … , 6th month -ve. You just sit down and wish to just burn down the whole business. The same applies to most of ideas and actions we always execute. Distance between reality and expectations tend to be like bottom of sea and top of the heavens.

Now this is my recommendation, coz no one is smart enough to be always be certain to the output of the game its make a perfect sense to have a failure plan. What, that creepy. NOP!, Is what they call sweet names like plan B or risk management plan. Deep down beneath this plan is the COST YOU WILL INCUR WHEN THINGS GOES VICE-VERSA AND ACTION TO TAKE TO MINIMIZE THE LOSS. And trust me its a boring plan but it’s well known as one of core difference between rich and poor individuals. Coz both of them incur risk but one of them seems to be immutable , it’s not magic its an actionable plan.

Though it sound nice and sweet from outside, that we stop to rely on predictions and contrary to that have the plan which involve risk management coz we don’t know what the future hold, IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE, its like ” being in relationships with a person you truly consider you love but act and behave like there is 50% chance they gonna cheat on you and still be totally fine when you find they cheated on you.” hahah…!!! That spooky but it’s cold reality applicable in life.

As usual the choice of staying on the Island of dreamy fairy tales expectations Or facing the cold truth will be yours and yours alone. And it’s all start by creating and acting upon your risk management plan. There is another Swahili saying “pema usijapo pema, pema ukipema si pema tena”, it took years to grab that, but it’s a simple reminder of common deviation of reality from our general expectations. Kumbe wahenga hawakuwa wehu.


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