Shall we opt for long term 🗓 or short term ⏳?

Assume the Airtime Offer you had suddenly cancelled (BUNDLE LA CHUO) so you have to spent extra 1500 Tsh airtime extra per day to enable similar data and airtime services. Then, how does that feel? Amm… It’s sucks, but it’s normal. Then on top of that you have moved to a new place which will require an extra of 1500 Tsh to reach there. So, again, How does that feel? It’s little expensive, but its normal.

Then let’s add that, it’s just 3000 Tsh. Really!!! Well let me congratulates you, coz you have just introduced 1,095,000 Tsh bill per year, WTH!!!. Now, how does that feel? Keep that to yourself, coz for me IT’S REALLY SUCKS.

Here is an obvious fact, What seem minor, natural, logical and repetitive in DAILY Basis, can just be an absolute nightmare if you apply it in ANNUAL Basis. Now, before we move further I totally don’t think it’s a bad Idea to hang with your friends grab couple of drinks and have fun. TRUST ME, It’s really a COOL thing thing to do. But at the same moment, It’s absolute NOT COOL to find it’s an end of the Year and you are still penniless or broke, but always money was flowing in your pockets. It’s sometimes feel like you have a bad karma of wasting money. But on my opinion it’s not, what we fail most of time, is to have that sense or impact of 1 Year, 5 Years to 10 Years for actions and decisions we are currently executing.

No one knows what really time is. Bro, Is there no any definition? Yes there are couple of definitions, and they all suck, Start with, duration/interval between two event . Why?, duration and interval are exactly similar to time. So, its equal to saying, time is time between two events . Hahah… That sucks. So, am I here to define time, Nop!!! But my thesis is simple, If time is an abstract concept then our perceptions towards it matters a lot than given definitions. And that will correlate with choices an individual made in terms of actions and reactions when s/he face certain scenarios. So again if you have a DAY VIEW of time and an Opportunity of 3000 Tsh per day it can just be an ordinary amount, BUT if your focus is on ANNUAL VIEW that 3000 Tsh is 1,095,000 Tsh. So it’s the same opportunity but seems like a trash or gold depend on how you perceive time. That’s simple but weird.

A CHOICE … ✅or❎
Lucky thing about human is that, they are creatures of habits. So, it’s possible to sit down and Point Key Repetitive financial decisions then trace/count back ◀ for year or more, then push/count them forward like a month, a year or a decade ( remember time is abstract so its up to you to push it 1000 Years ) then see and feel their impact. Standard 3 Multiplication, Calendar App and Google are more than enough for the task. Also, Remember, the key thing is not about eliminate those behaviors, coz they can somehow be essential to you, BUT the key is TO MANAGE THEM based on the picture you get. Previous articles like deterministic & random and expectations & reality can guide you in the processes.

Well I’m not your Guru, plus I currently still identify and rectify my financial decisions some are insane stupid regardless, any feedback based on this article will give us an opportunity to do a more better. So, please, share it with others.


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