Rational versus emotional approach

“You see someone drowning in the water.”
The emotional part of you:
Oh!! NO!
Nobody deserve to die that way, I have to dive in and rescue him as soon as possible.
The rational you:
First that’s Non of Your business, plus for the panic level he have, there is almost zero chance for both of you to survive when he grab you.
Wise Choice:
You find a long wooden rod, then dive in water, stretch the the rod to him. The man hold the rod with all his strength then you pull him out of water via pulling the rod. Then life has been saved.

Mathematics behind:

Acting based on both Rational & Emotional perspective served the drowned man and you.

Being Purely Rational about the situation Could kill a drowned man.

Being Pure Emotional about the situation could kill Both of You.

Well I have no any educational degree in psychology or reasoning field but for the sake of simply understanding how things works. Here is how I perceive things …

Definition 1:
The Emotional Part of You is the way of reasoning based on the feelings ( pain, regret, happiness, love, etc. ) you could have, if you could be in the situation, i.e. ” being on their shoes.” So if its about helping someone suffocating in a burning house, you just have to feel the pain of fire burns beneath your skin and the struggle of not breathing. Though you are not even there yet, THEN YOU TAKE ACTION, TO GO INSIDE STRAIGHT. Guess what next! We don’t know. This the kind of thinking is which literally Bind us together as human beings, when we constantly consider being in someone else shoes, it’s a true sense of humor itself. And consequently sometimes the amount of risk we took exceed the threshold.

Definition 2:
The Rational Part of You is the kind of reasoning based on Logical deductions of inputs and outputs, it includes things like observations, actions, risk calculation, etc. It can’t process pain, love, sympathy, etc. its similar to machine or robot. So, if its about helping someone in a burning house, you know If you go inside, there is a reasonable probability of you die there or have terrible wounds in the attempt of rescue a person, hence unless you figure out how to protect yourself and the person in the house the moment you are living the house, its not a good idea to move in. THEN YOU TAKE ACTION, TO STAY AWAY. So, he dies there.

Definition 3:
The wise choice, 🎖 is what considered as the action taken based on balanced emotional and rational thinking. In the case of fire, You find whatever blanket, soak in water and put it on, then another bucket of water with soaked blanket/sheet then you dive in the house, break the door, cover the person with wet blanket and together move out of the house. And luckily you can make it, through fire.

So Bro, what all this about? majanga ya moto na maji? Are we talking about life rescue skills. Nop! and Yap! Amigo. But here is my point, There is almost zero difference between serving your life from Financial Disaster and Rescue someone from water or fire accidents coz the architecture of thinking process is almost the same.

Since we know how it’s feel when you simply need a basic need and you can’t afford them due to poverty level, therefor when an Investment Opportunities appear in front us, we can simulate easily our lives before and after having money, it’s to build a bunch of emotional thinking and jump in with crazy amount of risk, and most of us incur deadly losses. So, it’s necessary to build a rational thinking after encounter those cool opportunities. That will not make for you Billions of Money but will help you to manage the risk behind the fuzzy World and save you from some of stupid decisions and consequently we will archive our goals.

So, at the end it’s you and yourself to cool your charm and find the balance between your choices. In either case, you can choose to ignore this information and dive straight into that cool fancy opportunity, however the price will be yours to pay.


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