Appeal to Authority 🏳

Argumentum ad Verecundium

Fallacy is Any Statement smell like Biriani but test like shubiri (Arovela juice) A Twisted LIE to look like TRUTH. Worry not its my definition anyway. You can google yours. hahah…

Statement … 🎙
You open a TV Station and hear Mkuu wa mkoa (Region Commisioner) talks on Business News it’s goes by ” … mimi nikiwa kama mkuu wenu wa mkoa, ninawahimiza vijana kulima maparachichi kwa sababu ni zao lenye tija na litakalowaletea manufaa makubwa …” then boom!!!, that statement triggered some individuals and now they are ready to immediately find pieces of land, ready for avocado production. Really?!

The Fallacy …

The fact that a statement comes from the Authority doesn’t make it a valid argument.

Argumentum ad Verecundium

The Alternative …
In contrary, the validity of argument has to come from actual facts presented by presenter or found by you, not an authoritative position.

Back to the statement … ⏮
Well, I know deep down most of us want things we hear from Authority be true especially when we are so desperate and those statements promises to solve our current challenges. So if Authority says Elimu ni msingi wa maisha (Education is the key to success), Kilimo ni uti wa mgongo wa taifa, Kasi mpya nguvu mpya ari mpya, etc, etc. you name it. Sudden, almost everyone swallow them without take their times to check the validity of those arguments. And finally, we are all aware of what happens next.

Back to business … 💰
So, should we stop listen to the government when they offer investment information or advice? Nop! But also, we can’t risky to act upon random statements without process and re-think their implications independently of the Authority. And that implies just because someone in position say Lima karanga, Take frame at that place, Buy this company stocks , Start this or that business and so on; so that you may earn profit on them , It doesn’t mean doing that will directly guarantee the output. You will be surprised when things turns upside down. The same applies when government say this investment is too risky and unstable for majority to participate.

Conclusion …
So, at the end its your ability to quick assemble and validate facts immediately after get the clue or tip on certain issue, then dive in with actual facts. That’s will also not guarantee the output, but will help us act reasonably based on facts we have, instead of attacking the leader when business start to collapse. And guess what, attacking the politician will make us loose more time and money.

Since I’m a random unpopular person, you can ignore all this article and listen to politicians advice. But the price will be yours to bear !!!


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