Appeal to Ignorance 🤡

Argumentum ad Ignoratium

Fallacy is an attempt to assume, that an egg is fine, i.e not viza, just because you can’t see it’s inside. An act of concluding something is TRUE or FALSE just because we don’t know what is going on. Warning: This is not Google definition ! It’s mine, go and find yours

Statement … 🎙
You are having good times on weekend with your friends, drinking and eating. Then one of your mets, pop an idea … guys nimefuatilia biashara ya kuchoma mahindi na kuuza machungwa, nimeona ina faida nzuri. then other fellow reply with a big laugh, … hahah… blazaa… hawa wachoma mahindi hawa! Ukiniletea mmoja tu naanza na mimi kuchoma. And the other join … and another join … So all of them turn down the idea just because they know nobody successful in that business. Damn it!

The Fallacy …

The fact that you don’t have a proof for the argument doesn’t mean that the argument valid (true or false). “

Argumentum ad Ignoratium

The Alternative …
The fact that you don’t have proof for the argument it’s a call for you to find proof and facts before simply deny or accept certain call, and it’s all begins with humble begin of … I don’t know how that works, please tell me …

Back to the statement … 🗣
So, maybe its was true or false, that, biashara ya mahindi ya kuchoma na machungwa was profitable, ( though even for myself I could jump into no conclusion ). But almost all team members jump into conclusion that the business wasn’t working due to their ignorance of the subject. They didn’t ask how did he arrive to the conclusion? For how long he has been following up that business? What locations of market and consumer has he checked? etc. etc.
Well, now you see how easier to deny and ignore due to ignorance than to dig deeper.

Back to business … 💰
So, bro should we start mahindi ya kuchoma bisiness? Hell, No! The emphasis of this article was to make you aware of business opportunities we ignore them and jump into conclusion that, they are trash or non-sense just because of our ignorance on how they work. So, you hear about Network Marketing and few negative comments, then booms you conclude network marketing is a bad business. Two days letter, you hear about biashara ya vitunguu and couple of losses from last year, then boom, you conclude biashara ya vitunguu is not profitable hahah… Then next day you hear a friend won Spot Bet and earn a lot cash and immediately you conclude Spot Bet is profitable, Seriously!! So you wait for the game day, and dump your money there, guess what, you get f$#*%d up. Well my opinion is, Our tendency of jumping into conclusion due to ignorance is the root of all our bad karma.

Now it’s more clear that one of the essential pillar of success in business has to be knowing that you don’t know and willingness to take time and learn what you don’t know. So, be humble and don’t act like a fool jumping from one conclusion to another.

Well, you can still choose to be a fool, we will just watch you.


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