Ignore the Issue 😎

Ignoratio Elenchi

Fallacy is closing your eyes with an expectation that the Hungry Lion in front of you will disappear. Well it’s true you don’t see the Lion but also It’s also true the lion exist in front of you. Well, you have decided to ignore the issue, welcome to Ignonatio Elenchi.

Statement 1 … πŸŽ™
You met a friend and he ask you about your recommendation of any reliable business he can do. You recommend to him Liquor Business and specifically Red and White Wine. You bring the fact that “… regardless of strong competition and tax raise, the demand for Pure Wine and other liquors has always raised up and in general the business is profitable, plus the fact is more obvious when you look on leading companies in Tanzanian and Kenyan Stock Exchanges.” Well you wait for your fellow to respond and give you more insights so that you can carry on the discussion, then he replies “… how about families destroyed as a result of parents having irresponsible alcohol drinking habits.” Well you smile and reply in every bottle and advertisements liquor producers remind consumers about drinking responsibly. Now your friend is has started turning red and uncomfortable. He keeps giving you valid arguments but yet they can’t Nullify Your Previous Argument.

Statement 2 … πŸŽ™
Coz you love your friend dearly you twist the idea and ask him … what about building food storage facilities. He smiles and carry the discussion, but deep in your heart you know “… based on supply and demand laws, the maximum profit will happen when farmers produce more, sell crops cheaper, incur loss. While store owners will buy food cheaper, store a lot, wait for price to go up , and make tonnes of free money. Due to thinking paradigm of your fellow you just decide to hide the fact, and let him discover it when time decides.

Someone will ask bro. Where is the fallacy? It’s right in front of you.

The Fallacy …

Presentation of other valid argument does not nullify previously proposed valid argument. It’s just ignore it for a moment.

Ignoratio Elenchi

The Alternative …
It’s more effective to deal and digest one valid argument regardless of how weird it’s look like rather than popping other crazy valid arguments as an excuse of not executing the path.

Back to the statement … πŸ—£
So for one or other reason your friend was uncomfortable with the idea, therefore he deviated to another valid argument with expectations of nullify your idea. Truth is both arguments are valid and independent of each other;
Wine business is profitable at the same moment Drinking Irresponsibly will ruin your life,
also …
Crops business is profitable at the same moment Maximum profits obtained when farmers over-produce and push nominal price down.

Back to business … πŸ’°
Well, If you look on deep side of most of business there is one or two creepy facts which are absolute valid. Let call them demons. As a business man the best approach is not to ignore them or set them as an excuse to run away from your business. Let say communication business, the demand for communication services, is massive eg. Vodacom Tanzania, But People have been stolen a lot of Money via MPesa, Individual cheat via cellular phones, other conduct many serious crime, all those are true but we can’t turn it down coz still there is a positive demand and business is profitable. So, do we ignore them? Hell No! All we do is to admit that the devils (creepy facts) exist and deal with them one after another.

Conclusion …
So, do I advice you do liquors business? Nop! and Yap!, The key aim of this article was not to write about liquor business but was to remind reader about harsh business realities which can not be resolved by “Ignoring the Issue”

… Though, you can still opt to close your eyes and assume nothing is going on.


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