For my fellow mankind

The Glimpse of The Gap Between Our Realities.

After constantly and overwhelming drive, I came to the conclusion that I should put into writings an account of some of staggering thoughts concerning The Questions enumerated in the order below,

First, Where Do We All Come From? 👶🏾
All we can observe as human beings is what I define as an extremely limited understanding of who we are?
Well, you can argue that my life began at my mother’s womb?
But, Nop! That was the point your parents realized they could have a baby, and after you were born, they were grateful they had a baby. Now here is the tip, the LANGUAGE itself reveal something spectacular, they said “they have” in swahili “wamepata” , it’s similar to say they “have found” , in brief all they trying to tell other people is you were somewhere, they don’t know where, but somehow they have access to you. They don’t use words like create, “kuumba” , which could easily define your origin. Hahahah… that seem spooky, but your parent don’t know who you truly are and where you came from. Scientists can go further and offer more detailed explanations which can make the subject more complicated but in brief, your father contributed a seed, your mom offered an egg and Vioallah!!! You get an access to physical and observable world. That’s all known and observable. So, is viable to assume, you were inside your father and your mother, if that true you were also in your grandparents, and grand grand parents, etc. etc. If so it seems like we were all there at the moment of creation, in our father’s father’s. That is insane coz Up to this date there is no any real proof to Darwin’s Evolution if so we can’t conclude to be products of random selection, but rather the product of a skillful designer, then why the World is full of crazy random processes? Are we still together or kind of being lost. Its hard to admit we know so little about our origin and any attempt to incline our understanding is not the straight path?

Second, Where Are We Currently? 🌍
Simple Answer:
In earth bro. Are you from another planet? hahah… But are you really sure? Let’s try another angle, In your mother’s womb you were alive and well but you operated in a subconscious state then you were born and attain more of conscious mind and other senses. Then you started to here stories of your Spirit, Gods and all sorts of insane hypothesis of Invisible World. But since you are bound or super connected to your physical body, it becomes insane hard to pick most of those ideas. As the matter of fact, all whom they give you stories of your origin, they only tell you unverified theories of where you come from. Since, you don’t know if you are in that body? Beside that body? Or Around that body? etc. etc. hahah… You get pretty confused and simply assume YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE and carry on, but honestly though you exist with you fellow beings, all of you don’t know where you are at the moment. Well, you can argue, Bro. I know I’m in this body. Hahah… Well, let see more.

Third, Where Do We All Go? 💀
If you assumed you are in that body, So is there any possible way we can dissect the body and isolate you. Damn it!!! The only known way is Death. And you can’t temper with that, unless you are really crazy to try. Well, we all know one day we must die, in the sense of losing access to physical body. That is one of scariest and unavoidable destiny to all human beings. Now look at the language, we use when someone dies, we say ” he is no longer with us “ or in swahili, ” hatupo naye “ or ” huu ni mwili wa aliyekuwa … “. So, all that time what we observed as an individual, was actually not him/her, it’s like we even don’t know anybody, it’s an insane fact that we have been deluded by their bodies but what we observed was not the actual being rather their bodies only. Whaaat…!!! So, where were they again…? hahah… That really crazy coz, what the hell is going on. It’s like you are currently somewhere you don’t know, driving this body, you really know very little about it. And when you die you loose access to your body and physical whelm permanent, BUT you are still somewhere, then where?

The aim of this article was not to confuse the reader about life of mankind but to make him aware of how mankind is special and complicated. It’s obvious both, mankind arrival to the physical world, his existence and their deaths are mysterious and beyond their observable facts. In that manner It’s absolute reasonable to search and devote time through what termed as the Unseen World, Spiritual World. And that can turn to be more bizarre than staying in the blind observable world view. You Choose.


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  1. Zody says:

    That is as crazy as shit..😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eleadmrina says:

      Hahahahh… It’s more than crazy !!!


  2. Thom says:

    Hahaaa that’s quite confusing, and that is the reason God put eternity in man so as we should always remain humble and fear him after realizing we know nothing about ourselves,..


    1. eleadmrina says:

      Hahahh… In deed we know very little


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