Its all begin with Actions 💣 💥

How did we all learned to walk
Did our parents make us seat in class, gave us some notes, make us did some crazy tests, then we passed the test and started to walk? Hahahah… Hell No! Seating down was simply boring, then we tried to stood up and fell down, then we stood up and fall down again and again, then gradually, hurreyyy… we were able to stood up but then again, standing one place was boring and crawling was slow, so we tried to walk and fell down, but we tried again and fell down again, but we kept trying until we were able. There was no clear guidance or notes, or any bullshit, the whole process was full of random actions, trials and error but somehow almost all of us passed the test. And the thing is, this process of intuitive action taking is almost similar for other experiences like talking, reading, swimming, etc. etc.

Well I’m not a motivational or inspirational speaker, my thinking architecture has some rational bias which is not suitable to offer heavy emotional reward. Regardless here is the fact, In order to change anything, one must take action. Now the action can produce an expected or unexpected outcomes, whereby most of us get really get pissed off by negative results. But if you will keep your ass down and do nothing, nothing will happen and that is worse than having unexpected results. The good thing about having an unexpected results is having a the good starting point of finding where things went wrong and repeat the process like a baby learning process.

Well, let say you have that crazy old business idea of which you have been talking about since 6 Years ago. And all you have been doing is telling other people about it, and feel good when they say, OH! Yeah You are Smart that Brilliant, but you actually have never take any ACTION towards the idea itself. It’s a shame, but that’s how most of individuals are, and when an individual who is an ACTION Man, hear your tales and ACT on them, then you will start claiming, s/he stole my idea. To Hell. The issue is, Why you didn’t take any action at first place?

But Why sometimes we act like a frozen ice, while there are thousands and thousands of opportunities? I personally felt like that several times. Well, facts tells, human beings have the limited capacity in terms of information processing. In industrial age options were few regardless those options allowed individuals to act and accomplish great things. So, people assumed maybe more information will make more progress. Well, in contrary, it turn out too high information limits the possibility of person to execute the process. But why? let us put it simple, You want more money? You google Business Ideas, and Boom … you have 1000 Business Ideas. You want to learn programming… you Search Online Boom… you have 500 Programming Languages. WTF … and that is case for many scenarios. So, you get paralyzed. Before Information era, (though I was not there), If you needed a business idea, all you could have was your surroundings and few friends, so one could end with 2 or 3 ideas, but that was indeed easy to choose and execute based on what he got.

So, bro. are we doomed or what? Coz for Heaven sake, Information is insanely everywhere in deadly massive amount!!!

Yes and No ! But here is my opinion, First, at some point if you exist in this era it’s necessary to have personal information limits, otherwise it will be so easy to develop the paralysis of choice. Second, For whatever you know or have, start to act on it, seriously. Well, It’s sound easy but it’s not, especially when people around you are victims of information era, coz they will tell you tone of shit info. which can sometimes scare you to death. But who cares! at the end, you can forget all of this article and remember what Nike always say, Just Do It.


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