Why reading matters? 🔎📜

Sema A! Aaaa… Sema E! Eeee… Sema I! Iiiii… Sema O! Oooo… Sema U! Uuuu…
Haya tuanze kuimba pamoja!
Hii ndio a, a a a ina mkia mfupi a a a,
Hii ndio e, e e e ipo kama kamba e e e,
Hii ndio i, i i i ina kofia kichwa i i i,
Hii ndio o, o o o ipo kama yai o o o,
Hii ndio u, u u u ipo kama kikombe u u u,
Hahahahhh… slowly and gradually you managed to master letters, then words, then combine words to understand sentences then ABRA-KADABRA you can read several paragraphs,
Congratulations you have been given the key 🗝 to access almost all ancient knowledge and wisdom since first civilization of mankind , that’s includes all technologies, mistakes, mysteries, etc, etc,
Just for unknown reasons you get rebellious, you don’t want to absorb or apply what you have learnt, so you only read coz you know your teachers or parents or someone else will kick your ass. Well lucky you! You passed some tests and have certificates, but here is the challenge you have also developed reading phobia. In summary you have these strange fear which is associated with almost everything require dedication of short term or long term of reading. And for sure you really don’t know how to deal with it. When you hear “this will require you reading XYZ …” you just feel like someone has put a mountain on your shoulders. Hahah… and all you have to do is finding all possible means of escaping it, Including Sound Recording, Animations, Movies, and all other blahblahblah … But WHY?

Now, the insane reality about mindset is that, it’s a thing which can make a good God feel and look like an ugly nasty devil, just because you have previously installed core memories, beliefs and dogmas. Well, that can be a bit confusing to grasp, but try this, Two Young Boys, One raised on war and battle field, basic skills he have is combat and surviving, the other Boy has grown in farm and all he know is how to take good care plants and prepare wonderful meals. Then accidentally these two kids met at a certain place, and before discussing anything, a strange man appear in front of them walking fast towards them he carry a fruit on left hand let’s say a Mango and also a blade on right hand. Guess how does these two boys gonna react, towards a man?
The mindset of BATTLE FIELD BOY:
I should get ready quick, The War is just about to begin, My life is at grave risk, How can I attack before the man attacks me? Is either I Kill or Get Killed?
The mindset of FARM BOY:
Where does this man get the fruit? Can he share with us? Does he own a farm? What kind of fruit is that exactly? Can we have more and make juice?
In summary, a battle field boy put all his focus on how deadly is a soldier/enemy with knife? He doesn’t even see the fruit. While a shamba boy think about how good a fruit is and a knife is just a good farming tool. Well, now you can guess, If you are shamba boy or battle boy when it’s come to reading. For many reasons, The mentality of battle boy strikes in when it comes to reading and actually it can partially works in education system but it can’t works in our daily lives. And that has a lot to do with our current poor reading habits.

But bro. let’s say YES, I’m that battle boy whom is uncomfortable to any sort of reading. And the only reason I have read this far is just because this read looks like a normal chat not a serious read. So, how do I start reading, even a little?

It’s possible, you can begin by pick an area you want to be better at, either is investments, finance, economics, even cooking, programming, spirituality, even reading itself. Just pick book/s to read and set 1 Hour a day of reading, and work on speed reading then maintain that routine, it’s that simple but since you have that bae or friend of yours who can turn TV on and off randomly at anytime Or a cool movie series which real kicks your dopamine Or etc. etc. things always turns inside out, so all your plans can easily be shattered down, therefore this will require certain degree of focus and commitment. But all I am able to do is to make you aware of the possibility of acquiring massive knowledge via changing your mindset about reading. Accepting the mindset that Reading is Profitable and Building a Routine of Reading is the personal choice.

If you have read this article there is a good chance you don’t have reading phobia and if you have come across any great book or article or have an idea on mind share with us on comments section. PLUS, I CAN ASSIST YOU TO MAKE AN ANNUAL READING PLAN. Just let me know.


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  1. Neyma Joseph says:

    Book: The power of positive thinking

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks for the recommendation


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