Let there be writings ✍🏾

If you start planting trees in your garden, fact is, nobody will bother you, until the day when visitors arrive at your home and probably they will enjoy some of available fruits from your garden. That’s similar to writing about your personal life personally and share your experiences with those who care but if you go to the market place and start to planting trees at the middle of market (Kibongo bongo Sokoni sio super market ), other people can be puzzled, other can start discuss about you, other can laugh and others can even consider you as someone perform witchcraft, so they will start to chase you and other can do anything to you which will differ from any of your expectations. That’s how “writing and sharing about your personal life in social media” works. So, it’s not just about writing it’s also about why do you write? and where do you write? and what are you writing about?!

A Genius Delusion. 🧠
So you think you got some ideas, cool ideas and moves, some of ideas sound like insane moon dreams but deep down you know, you have something! You don’t know what is it exactly. It’s looks like science but not exactly, its sound like an art but its not, it’s taste like huge wealth but not exactly. Dude you are just curious! that’s sound great. But you are also in chaotic state! now, that’s not great, you create an idea, or a plan, or any spooky stuff, you know its great. But before you put any inch of action, your mind has already generated another thing, and another and another. Now you need to stabilize your thinking process, you need to put your ass down, write one idea, execute fully, take feedback and then, do the same shit again and again.

So let’s Write. ✍🏾
Its correct to say “Hey Bro! for whatever sh$t reasons I’m Not a Journalist and writing is not my thing.” Let me put it this way, as how school system narrowed the scope of learning to the extent that, people think they only have to study while they are at school, so as writing professions narrowed the scope of writing in such a way that people think you need certain certificates to be able to document your personal experiences. Reality is learning is a Daily & Lifetime Habit not an activity done in classrooms so as writing, it’s a Daily & Lifetime Habit which allow a person to document, track and share knowledge with others. It’s not something we do to get some crazy scores from teachers in the class room. One of the main reason you feel like you don’t have to write anything down is this narrowed and limited perceptions about the significance of writing for personal reasons. Someone will still argue, but how this really works ?

As a “Balloon to Air” or “Glass to Wine” so is “Writing to Thoughts“. 🍷
Chances are, no matter how smart and organized you are, the random nature of life plus chaotic state of your mind makes tracking and review your progress without documenting or writing down next to impossible. It’s goes like this, you walk up in the morning, you plan your routine in your head its seems perfect then sudden you are receiving a call from your mom, she is in need of quick help, then the whole day timetable is ruined. Next day arrives and you still hold some of your personal routines but there are some changes at your working place, you have to do extra x,y,z and holly crap! Everything you planned is ruined again. So it’s the next day, your son is sick. On top of that, various new ideas have strike in your mind for these 3 days. Now, the next day you try to remember what you were just about to do 3 days ago. Your head is empty and now it’s start generating new routines. But If you recorded the date and actions on that routine, it could be a different story, coz you could simply refer.

The more detailed you are on your writings, the more precise you are in refocusing your goals.”

So, you have written your plan and fail, do you still keep on writing?, Oh! absolutely sure. And again, you have planed and you just don’t feel like doing what you have planned, do you still keep on writing?, Oh! absolutely. Then one day you plan and everything goes well, oh yeah! you also document again. In order for writing to be effective you will have to write every crap and gold down, this simply means all the desired and undesired sides of you. At the end of time you found yourself with a personal manuscript of your strengths, weaknesses, habits, addictions, etc. And believe me no one can do it better for you, except yourself.

Back to History
It’s so staggering when you find almost all previous technology, wisdom and religious doctrines to basically be the collection of writings of science, trade routes, ancient treasures, new lands, cultures and and all other sh#t stuffs. It’s like our civilization was built from a continuous loop of writing or documenting, act, take feedback and perfect those documents or create new better articles, and finally we found ourselves with some of immutable sets rules and principles guides our lives.

At this point you might find writing habits to be cool to develop, but one might claim, “I don’t have enough skills to plan? How do I go about it?” and “why can’t I just use my social media?” Well the main challenge with the current social media it’s not about it’s inefficiency of documenting but rather the Challenges arise from the peer pressure of followers and viewers when an individual want to improve his/her personal life. Well here are my opinions of what almost anyone can do, You can buy a journal and split it into three parts,
1⃣ What I Planned,
2⃣ What I did,
3⃣ Why I did so.
Then you do it for a month and review it.
I don’t like guarantees but based on personal experience of documenting my routines and actions, You will never be the same and by the way you will be better. But only if you act through consistently. Or you can fully rely on your head and boil your brain.


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