The counting business 🔢

The Devil 👹
Are you familiar with the phrase, “The devil is in the details“? Well the original text was God is the details, but people gradually turn it to devil. As the matter of fact, what people call devil in those details are hidden insights and NUMBERS included within details. You might be surprised why numbers? Well, it’s due to their immutable ability to remain the way they are and express what they present. Let me put it that way, When your friend tells you, “… an online business is a profitable business“, numbers in details (or what other people call the devil) may tell you, “… the returns from online business can reach up 50 million $ (not TZS) annually regardless 98% of online business die within 3 Months and 90% of those who remain for a year makes 0 $“. Now you get the picture, the real Devil they are talking about. The details offered by numbers are not only realistic and objective but also too exciting and scary to majority. When you translate the phrases into other languages, words might easily start to loose the meaning but numbers are relatively immutable. 10 people are ten in English, Swahili, Hindi, etc. though the phrase people can easily vary from community to community. Now you see why it was dead painful when you score 0⃣ Zero in class, that zero is zero and zero only. hahah…

But why do we count?
It’s sound as a silly question, coz this is what happen to most of us … we went to school, we learnt many things, including counting. So, the only kind of question we faced frequently was, “How many are they?” consequently we plugged in some numbers into the formula and finding the answer and hureyyyyy… we got it! Well, that’s the reason your version of answer can be, WE COUNT TO KNOW HOW MANY THINGS THEY ARE. With all respect of your view I would like to ask you, THEN WHAT? Well, you can tell me to know the number bro. But there is still a missing link, coz in most scenarios every-time we count we got another number. And when our counting keep return the same value, like pie, we stop counting it and tag it a constant. Then we proceed with the counting, but why?

Here is the my version of why we count, WE COUNT TO SEEK NEW PATTERNS AND VALIDATE THE EXISTING PATTERNS. Reality is, most of time there is always a particular set of rules, principles and theories which describes the outcomes. When we observe and count the outcomes the next rational step is not to be excited or intimidated by the numbers but rather is to find the corresponding pattern which guide the outcomes. Believe it or not, the difference between an individual who always count to know how many things they are and the other who think in terms of patterns are insanely different. While Individual A believes life is almost pure random and some individuals get lucky to be where they are, Individual B believes regardless of random outcomes observed in nature, once you understand what is the pattern, the random nature becomes predictable, and what other people term as lucky is nothing more than ignorance of the pattern and how it works. But it’s all begins with why we do we count and the belief that patterns do exist. One can argue, ” … bro. I get you but this sound too philosophical to work, just look around !!! ” my reply is “… oh yeah! as long as you have accepted the view I can almost do nothing but here is the add-on, … patterns exist only if you find them and act upon them “.

Back to Business 💰
Lets go back to business and blend Numbers in the Details with our perspectives about business. On the previous articles I wrote about Assets and Liabilities, one of the existing pattern for all successful businessmen is their “Consistency In Creating New Assets and Acquiring Other Existing Assets.” The main challenge of acting upon this pattern is the way we arrive into conclusion on what is an asset or liability? So when you feel good and passionate about something you term it as an asset. Well you will soon face the devil and be surprised how deadly your feelings can be. I don’t mean it’s bad to do what you love but again if what you love is associated with a pattern which kills, at the end you will have to die. So what is the next move …

Conclusion ✍🏾 …
Work with the devil, Hahahh… Whaat!… I mean, Numbers in The Details. Here is my practical approach,
1⃣ List 3 important things you have. [Products & Services]
2⃣ List 3 important things you plan to have. [Products & Services]
3⃣ Subtract total annual income to total annual expenses per item, If the number of an answer is negative throw that thing away if else keep the stuff.
4⃣ Do the same for things you have and those you wanna have in future.
5⃣ Repeat 1 to 4 Consistently, Add Your Creativity but Always respect the basics.

I’m glad it’s all std 3 math
Well I’m not your Guru and you can totally ignore my views and jump from this and that, but keep this in your mind “The Devil Is In The Details” .


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