Leadership mindset

Scenario 1 ⛓🔒
You are in jail. It’s 30 years sentence due to robbery, sex abuse and rapping. But truth is you didn’t robbed a dime neither f$#k anyone. All you did was an attempt to assist a neighbor daughter whom you had quarrel with once, unfortunately she got an asthma attack at your house place and die and after reporting to police the report indicated you probably raped her. You tried to pull up whatever you know but, Damn it!, Nobody bought your shit, so they decided to f$#ked you back by cast you on the cell.
Here we go amigo …
What do you do with that bad karma?

Blame yourself for being helpful ???…,
Blame a parent for being heartless ???…,
Blame police for doing investigation ???…,
Blame abc… or blame …xyz ???
BUT Bro!, You are already in jail and you will be there probably for all required time.
So, what is your next move?

Scenario 2 💸
You are graduate from University and soon after graduating from your studies you decided to start your own business. Well! that sound great, then you heard stories from your friends, ” korosho zinalipa”, then you heard similar stories from media, couple of core workers, parents etc. etc. Your expectations jumped to the roof you took the loan and bombard yourself with the business. Then sudden out of no where, Government created new policies whom they claim to manage businesses more efficiently. Oh Noo!!!… You are screwed …!!! Your business has begin to diffuse like smoke in air and the loan you took has started to eat you alive. Deep in your heart you feel like someone somewhere deserve to be blamed, cursed and being cast to the eternal fire. to make things worse even individuals recommended that the business was good they have shifted the side. There we go again, what is your next move?

In one way or another most of outcomes from our lives are not what we expected, and some of them make us feel like we are walking and breathing in hell, Regardless of all of that, some individuals have been able to pull themselves out of that insane crazy process while others have remained in one position for decades.

So, how can we turn hell into heaven without water or fire extinguisher? hahah…

The Leadership Mindset
Most of individuals assume a leader to be a person who represents a group of people, but that definition is limited. Fact is whenever you accept responsibilities, you will automatically have to operates under leadership mindset i.e. You have no one to blame. Really!? How!?
Truth is deep in our mindsets when we face crazy or complicated responsibilities we mostly have 2 options to pick, OPTION ONE is to accept the responsibilities and been crucified until we accomplish the task. And believe it or not, even Jesus himself tried to run from that (… ask Christians) however, this mentality works super efficient but do you really think majority of individuals will pick this option, the answer is, Nop… Nop.., and here is what most of individuals will opt. OPTION TWO , Avoid the responsibility, assume other person is supposed to do that particular responsibility and Blame them for not doing something they could do for the rest of their lives. Oh! Yeah… now, almost anyone can do that, it’s easy and harmless but it has almost zero efficient in terms of outputs.

“Difference between individuals who are efficient in their leadership skills and those who are not, Is their abilities to accept responsibilities and blame nobody about anything.”


Back To Scenario 1 & 2
… Believe it or not you have to stop all the blames and be grateful for being alive in prison, coz even if you could achieved to hide from streets, the dead girl’s parent could find a way of hunting you and probably kill you for the rest of your life in streets. Secondly, as how surprisingly asthma attacked a girl in your house and killed her, so any surprise could also attack you and kill you. So BE GRATEFUL, save your sentence responsibly ☺ and on top of that, improve the way you relate with your neighbors by making friends in prisons. It’s damn hard approach but a highly reasonable choice.
… In scenario two, as an enthusiastic young individual eager to build your business to take action based on what majority believe is a terrible approach to business, we also discussed that on business fallacies, appeal to popular opinion. Good luck for you, coz you have learnt it at the beginning before your business is actually way too big, it will be a terribly painful but you will never forget the lesson on next rounds of business.
… The worse thing you can do for both scenarios, is searching for that anonymous person to blame and probably ignore lessons to be learnt.

What about business? 💰
Is this applicable to business? Absolutely, almost 100%. When a group of business people suffer heavy loss some will opt to operate under leadership mindset and accept that, they are responsible for what happened and move forward. Others, will deny to be responsible for their decisions and start to blame government, customers, business partners and finally themselves. Well, we all know who end up where.

Since leadership is a skill an individual have to learn, practice and then master the lesson. So, according to me, the following is a brief summary of how an individual can turn hell into heaven,

1. Shut your mouth and brain to blame or complain about the circumstance you are currently in.

2. Accept to be responsible and accountable for the circumstance you are currently in.

3. Take consistency reasonable actions to move from that place to another.

Otherwise, the fire of regrets, blames and complains will consume you from inside to outside. It’s weird to see how individuals can deny responsibilities and suffer more than those who accept them. So you can pick the right side and move on or keep wasting your precious time to put blames into others, however the choice will always be yours.


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  1. Riffat Mbinga says:

    Good work brother

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks brother, we will keep it up!


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