The game of consistency šŸ”„

A Scenario
After having what you described as a cool & luxurious lifestyle your have gain an insane body weight. All coolness you felt with your body when you had less weight had disappeared, its hard to walk, its hard to run, its hard to dress, its even hard to have sex etc. etc. all being said it’s a total disaster. So, one day you decided enough is enough! I have to change my life style and get into shape again. So, you find a new diet plan and exercise routine,
DAY 1: You followed the diet and exercise.
Then next day morning, you worked up and ran to the mirror. Guess what you saw, THE SAME SCARY FATTY BODY hahah…
DAY 2: You followed the diet and exercise.
Then next day morning you worked up and ran to the mirror again. Guess what you saw again, THE SAME SCARY FATTY BODY but this time with PAIN due exercise.
DAY 3: You are now thinking is this really working. Dude until you ignore that mirror and keep following the routine Consistently, your own fantasy will ruin your routine within a week. By the way you really didn’t know how your mass erupted so don’t expect to figure out each detail on losing it, fact is If You Will Improve Your Eating and Exercise habits your body will get better with time, but the real voodoo lies within CONSISTENCY.

Someone can say, Oh yeah! Is that all, let me be consistent I will make it. Wait a minute! The moment you ignore a mirror you can automatically switch to watching your belly every hour, guess what happen? The same thing happened when you were using a mirror, panic and disappointment. So why is it so relatively difficult to attain consistency in our daily life regardless of consistency seem to be a simple concept?

The Mysterious Patterns šŸŽƒ
Enough of body fitness, let’s face the real voodoo, consistency. According to Charles Duhigg, Here is what constantly happens, whether we know or not, our environments are surrounded with thousands of triggers, which creates our routines then routines creates habits. The main difference between an ordinary consumer and an addicted one is a craving development by an addict before consuming, which make him almost powerless and involuntary to the routine. That can sound like mambojambo of rocket science but here is the simple version of it, when you repeat a routine many times it’s build a habit. Regardless of knowing that this will require an extra effort since there are other existing habitual routines in your daily life. And the real puzzle is how to adopt the new routine withing the existing one.

A Leap in Business
From Body fitness to Psychology, let’s dive from Psychology to Business. Like all other disciplines business has always proven to be most challenging and too probabilistic, but most of individuals who attain a certain level of success have claimed otherwise. Like having a consistency healthy eating habits can improve your body, so as productive business habits can indeed improve you financial level. Reality is, it will be too challenging to know which routine exactly and what date resulted to rapid loss of 5 KG, but consistency sum of of routines will make you loose 20 KG. So, after learning certain well proven productive business routines, you will have to give them a CONSISTENCY TEST. Honestly speaking, you will not be able to spot the outcome in a single night šŸ•Æ but a consistently follow-up of routines for a duration of a year or more will surely give you a bigger picture of the business. šŸ‘

Action Points 1 ON 1 šŸ‹šŸ½ā€ā™€
So, bro. we like this voodoo, What is the most recommended starting point, for an individual to take a further step towards business wizardry ? Well, I’m not a guru nonetheless a conventional certified adviser. So, here are my killer moves After knowing something is a productive business routine, let say “Kuuza Mayai or anything ā€¦” here are next moves ā€¦
1. Create Time and Location for your business. Those are places you must be at certain time.
2. Always have all the requirements for the routine, before the beginning of routines.
3. Follow your schedule religiously
4. Be flexible with minor adjustment but always maintain the basics.

Will that guarantee positive results? To some degree Yes To some degree No, but it will make you a whole better person. On top of that, If you will add minor flexibility to the routines there could be a tremendous difference between you and an inconsistency individual. But since this is a self-taught masterpiece, the best teacher you can afford for this subject is yourself, others including myself, will only offer incentives but steps are yours and yours alone.


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  1. Mazinge says:

    Keep up the good work brother, Wishes you the best

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Much appreciation for the compliment and for your time brother. We will keep good job alive.


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