Patience pill ⏳

The Marshmallow Test
You take a group of kids with age of 3 to 5 years old, you put them separately in rooms with CCTV camera, you gave the kid a marshmallow (kibongo-bongo you can replace marshmallow with andazi au pipi) and tell the kid, “If you will wait for 15 min, you will have 2 marshmallows but if you will eat this one you will have only one piece”. You live the room and watch CCTV monitors, you start observing how a kids struggle against the temptation of taking a single marshmallow or being patience and wait for another piece. To kids this feel like hell, few kids pass the test and other fail instantly then you live kids to proceed with their lives for 30 years and check them again, you realize those few kids who were able to be patience even at very small age have successful carrier life, stable family and better financial state while the other who were not able to resist the temptation end up with poor carrier, unstable family and at terrible financial position. WTF!!! You decided to carry other test again and again with different ethnic groups and guess what?!! You get exactly similar results again and again.

Patience is Not IQ
So you realize this tendency of being patience really matters but here is the next puzzle within the puzzle, how did those little kids acquired it ?! and remember this is not an IQ test, an individual with high IQ can be quick in solving problems require high cognitive ability but without patience in his/her steps life complexity is more likely to ruin most of his/her moves. Here is more practical example, even If you have a high IQ or Cognitive abilities within a team for you to accomplish your task will not be sufficient for the job to get done since you also need to be patience to let other team members to play their roles in order to accomplish the overall task of the team. Since, no matter how Intelligent you are, you can’t perform all the tasks, a smart person who lack patience is more like to screw the team and yet archive nothing at the end. In such context, an individual with average intelligence together with patience can indeed achieve far better by letting each individual perform their roles within a team. Let take more precise example of business case …

Let’s sell Fruits 🍍
You have graduated from University and realize you can sell fruits and make money. Yap! That’s great sound nice. Then you go ahead and pick 1 person to take orders of fruits, 1 person to prepare fruits orders, 1 person to bring raw fruits and 1 person to deliver orders to far individuals. So, together with you are 5 individuals, The person who receives order know very little about delivery, raw fruits or supervision, so is the rest of the team including yourself, in such early stages the best shot for all of you is being patient with each other until you establish the same level of operation efficiency. On top of that, you and your team are mostly like to screw at many things, not because of anyone’s faults but rather due inability to operate together due to inherent personal differences which are needed to be synchronized among you with time. So, if you will tolerate each other and provide feedback to each other, you and your team are more likely to build something profitable BUT if you will lack tolerance towards each other and cast blames all day long, You will find yourself, alone, with no team in nanoseconds hahah… so in grand scale patience will enable you to know how you can adjust and adopt towards each other. This kind of thinking is not applicable towards business only but also in love relationship, carrier development, parenting and so on. All being said we still have another elephant in the room, this patience thing doesn’t have specific time, we can only term you as patient enough when you get the required results. So, how do we even make a step forward …

Conclusio Petientiam ✍🏾
Patience is widely unlike other lessons this is due to fact that it’s not known clear if someone born with it or they acquire it from their environments at very early stages of personal development . But for the sake of this article we will we will assume it’s acquired. The question will still be how? My opinion is one can acquire it through accepting that, THE UNIVERSE HAS THE WAY OF REWARDS WHOM CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTIONS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND PUNISH INSTANTLY GRATIFICATION MONKEYS WHO ALWAYS THINK IN SHORT-TERM. Since this is a self-taught masterpiece, the large part of acquiring the skill is by far due to personal initiative, what is provided here is a abstract template on how you can kick start but the rest is upon yourself. All I can say is, your already have patience if you have read this article, this far, why not doing more in other areas of your life? The choice is yours.


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