Curiosity ❓

A Chaotic Sea of Mysteries
There are many things most of accomplished individuals can share but one of the weird correlation for almost all of them is the way they question very fundamental things almost everyone assumes they are well known and understood. Fact is the most simplistic form of questions are insanely hard to figure them out, so most of ordinary individuals ignore them and create generalized unrealistic solutions and move on. BUT something different happen to another group of individuals, instead of generalize the solution, they keep asking more and more questions to the extent that those questions becomes part of their lives, in simple language they maintain their level of CURIOSITY through out.

“The beauty of being a curious person is the realization of how less you know after understanding much more than what you know.”


I guess you can shout, Bro! that’s weird! and I would reply, absolute Yes! Coz by ordinary logic its normal to feel you know a lot the moment you finish to learn something. For curious individuals its absolutely contrary. Is this applicable in business? Oh! Yeah! and general life too. Let check how some businessman and scientists, get curious and dig dipper to common questions. As we navigate their line of reasoning may differ slightly with my flow but the fundamental are indeed the same. So there we go …

Let’s starts with WHY?
We all know rockets, and they are seem to be very expensive, If you have ever see a rocket launch, you can have the feeling of how insane and massive the structures is. But yet someone just questions, “Why rockets are so expensive?“, It’s easy for an ordinary person to generalize that the whole damn structure is expensive, but that not an applicable solution. So, Elon Musk, kept asking himself the same question over and over until he solved the puzzle by creating a renewable rocket and guess what the cost of Space X renewable rocket cost about 1.3% of the traditional rockets, that literary insane to grasp, it’s like reducing the price from 10 million$ to 100,000$. But why? It’s all raise from one’s curiosity of going deeper and deeper towards the question. So, the same person proceeded with “why electric engines are so inefficient?”, “Why all road traffic focus on sky bridges and not underground?” And the guy is a Billionaire. So, does having questions turn you into a billionaire, heck No! But here is the fact, Constantly curiosity, with the WHY questions has higher odds of bringing an invention or innovation. Point is how deep are you willing to dig.

Let’s sink into HOW?
You buy a computer, 🖥 you feel super ☺ great about it, you press buttons and things displayed on the screen, you can send emails, chat with other people at another continent, etc etc. It’s seems fine, You have got what you want. But Somehow your friend start to question, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? You turn to him and reply, “bro. just use the machine it will just give you the output.” You think it’s over, next day you find your computer is dismantled, all pieces are everywhere. Coz you thought your friend got your point yesterday. But fact is he didn’t, THE Question of HOW this work?, returned over and over, and unlikely majority he didn’t generalized the answer, he just dig deeper and deeper. Reality is every for every productive process there is always a big HOW ?! So, In one way or another there is always a room to learn and understand a different perspectives, if the question of HOW will be maintained consistently. It can sound dramatic but the precision of today’s satellites depends on Einstein’s curiosity of “How can I include time parameters in Newtonian Gravitational Mechanics?” Now we are enjoying precise GPS services in Uber ride.

You hear someone speak bullsh@# “ Haya mambo ya wazungu, kwanza muafrika gani umewahi msikia katengeneza hata kijiko” It’s not your fault bro. but reality is you are sick of white supremacy. To make it short, last powerful super computer was created by an African, Philip Emmaguali, he was a pure African not a black american, but yet he challenged existed laws and designs and he built a super computer framework which enabled NASA to launch and operate satellites, increase efficiency of oil drillers and resolve global warming equations together with weather forecast. So, what do you now, You just open google weather app and say, Oh my God today it’s going to rain. Let me finish my routine fast. But you also had an option of asking yourself HOW DID THEY KNOW ?!

Then What!!!
It’s possible to be a curious person.
But nobody really knows the exactly formula of how to turn a person into a curious person though one of the path which can result to raise of someone level curiosity is a tendency of denying generalized answers . They say curiosity killed a cat, I argue everyone must die, but only cats are curious enough to always land by feet even if you will drop them upside-down. So just be curious and never ignore simple stubborn questions when they click into your mind. 😸


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  1. Sia kenedi says:

    I must admit that today, I have learnt a very good lesson keep it up!!

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks, you are welcome, don’t forget to share with others


  2. pan says:


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