Gratefulness ☺

Bad Things Happen 💣
Ladies pardon me for this example! But let say you get raped by a drunker, you tried to shout and do all you can but unfortunately, the thing happened, well that itself is an evil thing that can happen to a lady. But on top of that you get pregnancy, now that’s another bigger problem, you can’t find that man and even if you will be able to catch him, there is nothing he can do, the best thing police can do is to capture him and start the case, but still what then!!! Coz you have the pain and confusion based on loss of your dignity, In your heart you want to kill the baby but you conscience tells you the baby has done nothing wrong. Its pretty confusing scenario, and for most of ladies what kicks in their heads is rage and anger! She want to kill the man, kill the her baby, kill herself, kill even God if he exist ( why did he let all those things to happen to her ) … but all the killing can’t solve anything but create more disaster than what existed before. In scenarios like those an ordinary and lovely human being can turn into vicious psychopath who can destroy almost every creature pass in front of her. But wait there there it’s seems like there is a better alternative, yet its less common and highly not an easy path for majority.

Just be Grateful
Someone is free to yell! Are you out of your mind ?! hahah… Well my answer is this simple we are all out of our minds, but borrow me 2 minutes to see why being grateful in this case is the best and optimal solution available, regardless we all know the simple and most applicable solutions are the most hard to 🕶 see and grasp. So, let start by this, not all rape attacks end up with raping, Some of them end up with victim death on attempt of saving their dignity, but well somehow you managed to stay alive, you have to be grateful for that! While you had a child on your womb and you are alive, there are many women who are ready to do almost anything insane just to have babies, speaking of anything, you know it! So be grateful you have a baby. Believe it or not! It’s easier to appreciate being alive and have a baby of strange man, than an attempt to kill yourself and a baby. All you have to endure is a burden of psychological pain which can eventually end. Before receiving head stones from women, let me admit the process is insane but regardless there is a narrow way through gratefulness. Since I’m not an expert in that field and my views may be slightly skeptical to majority so let us shift gears and reflect that view in business life.

Gratefulness the Wild Card 🃏
When grass are green and all things are awesome almost anyone can be optimistic and grateful about everything happening in business but when everything burn down to the ground almost no one can even be grateful about anything, including being alive. Let say, you are a CEO and what was hoped to be a profitable company has run under loss for consecutive 2 years. Guess what gonna happen on the 3rd year !!? Almost everyone is freaking out about how the company can sink down and destroys their lives. So, as the CEO of your company you have two options under such that circumstance, … to join the mass and blame the markets or anything else OR pick a wild card and opt to be grateful about the moment. Well, 1st thing knocking in your mind is what the heck is gratefully about loss for consecutive 2 years, contrary to majority assumptions, fact is most stable companies was not formulated by constantly profitable and favorable moments but rather hard and chaotic environments which eradicate the rest of players naturally. Spooky part is how to accept and realize the challenge in-front of you is a step toward greatness and been grateful for that to happen. Well, it gonna feel like hell but it’s the way to haven, so be grateful.

What then … 🙄
I will be a hypocrite not to mention how I’m grateful for your patience and commitment towards this article. An obvious fact is gratefulness can act as quick and effective way to endure most of deadly and fearful moments, all you have to do is to pick couple of individuals or things to be grateful for, and let them know by your words, and mean it by your heart. The challenge most of people confront is that, the mindset of been grateful require individuals to learn and taught themselves until they have mastered the art, teaching about being grateful alone is not enough . All being said its almost impossible for an individual to not having something to be grateful for. Most of individual chose to close their eyes and cast blames to everyone. I’m sure we can do better than that. However, the choice is always yours.


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