Courage and fearless mind 💪🏾

Let say you get it?
Get what?
COVID-19 …
Will you die ?
Will you survive ?
Will you spread the virus to others ?
What if those others are my dear family members?
What if they also die?
Will this disease end? Then when?
Is this thing really a virus or something spooky is going on?
Then what that thing is?
What will happen to my job, business, carrier, family, kids, etc.?

My dear brothers and sisters here is an honest answer only few can give you?


Before we role in let nail this clearly, BE COURAGEOUS !!! So lets go,
Can we give our shot to Big Media? : Hell No! They all report what government want you to hear, so whatever you hear is probably twisted and filtered accordingly.
How about small media? : Though they can be willing to take the risk of reporting correct news of what is actually going on they don’t have access to authorities and regulators and far more they don’t have enough finance to role things out.
So, why government can’t tell the exactly truth? : Well, they assume people will panic, get frustrated, screw the economy and create far more bizarre outcome to the state of countries and the World in general.
Let say doctors know what is going on: Again it doesn’t matter, coz all medical institutions are hierarchical, this simply means order flows from top to bottom and not otherwise. So, even if you find an anomaly in certain area it’s not easy to reverse or opt for an alternative.
So, if all these big sharks don’t know what to do next, what gonna happen to small fishes? hahah…

You have been working up in the morning and for 7 days continually all you hear is COVID-19 gonna kill you at any moment and on top of that you receive a staggering number of individuals who have been dying so far and who are infected. Men!!! Your mind and heart freeze for a second when you see those numbers, coz they are in millions of deaths! And the best advice all over the World is to wash hands and to stay inside as much as possible. In such a situation even a focused and committed individuals can go nut. But wait for a moment, Is this the first time to have such pandemic in the world? The answer is Nop! Well not even closer! Just by records last plague killed more than 75,000,000 people. They eventually stopped to count. So, how was it ended? Well, it eventually ended itself! I know up to this point you are like WTF bro.!!! but here is my pill for the situation, be COURAGEOUS.

When people panic and freak out like crazy monkeys and probably lock themselves at homes and spent their entire time watch news and death statistics, it’s the best time to be courageous and do more with the precious time you have. Will this ruin world economy? YES, its already began. Will this ruin your economy? It Depends, with how you react toward the challenge and how you think about the situation. However, many economist believe this is the time you can be super successfully or poor because the chances for you to remain at the middle of the line are indeed narrow.

“In simple terms instead of spending hours and hours on discussing something you absolutely have no clue what is it, let say COVID-19, you can still opt to find ways of being productive and profitable in such a situation.”


Bad times which destroyed millions of lives, are the times created millions of opportunities. The challenge is during those times almost nobody cares about any opportunity due to fear and panic propagated by masses and media. Does this means we have to ignore all health measures? No no no! But also we should never ever be afraid to pursue our goals and dreams in such challenging circumstances. All we need are courageous hearts and knowing what to do next in such scenario. And that’s possible when you put fear out of the equation. Can I make you more courageous, Nop! But I guarantee you if you were able to pick the fact that 75 million individuals died because of the similar situation, and yet carry this reading to this point I know you have that courage needed. So its time for you to go, and execute your plans!!!
But all in all do it safely, do it with courageous heart


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