What about numbers? 🔢

Show me the Number !
It all began when one of my friend asked me what I considered as a silly all question, “Show me the number”. And I simply wrote “1” on paper and simply reply “Here it is, 1”. He laughed and say “Nop! This is not one but just a symbol represent 1” he proceed and ask “so how about this?” so he wrote one in words, and ask me again the same question, “Show me the number”. I don’t wanna narrate the whole story, just in summary, I was very confused with what the guy said and to some degree I felt like the guy was just another version of a civilized psychopath. If you read my article about curiosity, you can simply remember about cats and curiosity. Hahah… So, without knowing that the question I was avoiding already stick in my mind, I started to questioning myself, “Where are these numbers which I have been counting since my kindergarten/vidudu education?” Here is what I found fellas, they are just nowhere to literally be observed. Now, the curious cat has found another cat in the mirror. To him it’s feels so real but again we all know the cat in the mirror is not a real cat. So, let’s proceed with numbers.

Dancing with your image
So, when you say there are 10 Chairs the only existing thing are chairs but 10 is an abstract concept created by your mind to make sense of your observable world. But that 10 is only in your mind, you can’t see it, touch it or smell it. All you have been doing since the day you were born is imagining numbers and attach them them to observable word. One can obviously ask again, “Bro! So bro. I just wanna know are numbers real or not?” Well they are real things but not observable. Then one of the logical response will be “How do we know if they are real yet not observable?”, my naive approach to the question will be, “Try to ignore numbers and see what will happen to your life?“. Up to this point its almost inevitable for a reader to ask “… and what about the damn curious cat?”

Like cats in front of their mirror images, we humans, we constantly represent and manipulate numbers not because we can literally observe them but rather in order to understand and make sense of our world.


So, in brief the whole essence of numbers is about proper understanding of the subject or concepts. So, let us ignore shitty cat for a moment and dive into Tomato Business.

Let us start Tomato Business
The whole point of me writing these articles is for the reader to have solid reasoning and understanding of essential elements for the survival of any business. Saying so, in order to understand our Tomato Business we might easily dive into many assumptions in order to launch it successfully, We can check the demand at particular place, running cost of our Tomato shop, Profit earned per day, Tax fees to run our business and so on. But before moving any far its like, all we are trying to do is using various numerical ideas to understand the business. Without proper amount of discipline of keeping records as numerical values every financial advisor or economist will agree with me that, it will be almost impossible to access credit from banks, receive funds from investors or partner with any other serious business. It’s like numbers can literally assist us to make sense of our Tomato Business. Since our tomato business is a new one we must at least be very clear about right numbers for Initial Capital Required, Time to Operate the business and Profit estimates just before we launch it, and that’s not for Tomato Business but any.

Anybody who has read a lot of online articles about business is more likely to argue, bro. your list is too short, you have to also know about that… and that… and that… You didn’t mention many things bro. Here is a free token of advice for you fella, “Crafting a business as whole is more of art than science, but making it operational within it is more of science than art”. Therefore there are many unnecessary categories you might encounter during several lessons which doesn’t fit your art style or scientific aspects of your business. All you have to do is for you to settle down with your team and create what make sense to you for your particular business and make sense of it by Numbers. Once you look at the mirror and realize your hair wasn’t combed you don’t hit the mirror and hate it, the same thing happens when you try to make sense of the business by numbers. When we realize numbers reflect sad reality that our business will give us nothing, we don’t yell at them and get mad, all we have to do, is adjust our business operations and move on.


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