Immutability of Ideas 💡

Can we steal it!
How many times have you heard something like this, “… those guys stole my idea, if I could just keep quite or knew early I couldn’t tell them. They have stole my idea.” Or something like this, “… you know I have a very very good idea but I’m afraid to tell you coz you can steal it and it will be yours, so we have to do A, B, C, and bla! bla! bla! before I tell you anything.” In life there are certain types of craps you have heard so many times in such a way you can just predict the whole scenario just by listening two 1st words and here is what click in mind when I hear someone speak them, its this, “… what the f@&$ is wrong with this person.” I’m sorry if that you, but thinking someone can steal your idea is just another crap, its like thinking in this 21st century someone can steal your Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad or Buddha and hide them in the box. Hahah… Maybe you are already out of mood up to this point, maybe you are not, but here is the fact, once an individual think and believe that an idea can be stolen its always become like a dogma to him/her and unless he thinks other way around s/he can complete get lost in his/her own madness. Its not easy to turn that person other way around. However, let us try other way around.

What is an idea?
Should I give you a dictionary or Wikipedia definition, that will boring, so let us define in our own way, as how we always do. Assume you have been working at a certain place and every day you always return home late, but one day after return at home and start eating a mango you grabbed somewhere at the road, something just bumped into your head, what if I could just sell mangoes instead of doing this job? Well, you are just alone, nobody have told you to think that way, one might say, Its because of mango bro! Well, nop! I still don’t agree, Because there are several times you have been eating mangoes but that concept of replacing your job with mango business has never clicked in your head. Well, that is an idea, its just a thing pop in your head out of nowhere which call you to do something about what pop into our head. Hahah… Up to this point its absolutely crazy for someone to believe that thing can be stolen from a person. But here is the catch, when too many ideas pop into your head you can really get confused, so what most people tend to do is to write down their ideas or talk to other people about their ideas. Well, its good to point that, written or spoken words are not the idea itself, they just represent the idea. Someone can yell to me, Bro! when say it, people remember it and take it! I would still argue they only store the words represent the idea, that idea itself is still in you amigo. To make a long story short, ideas can never be stolen and those individuals claimed to stole ideas they already have those ideas in them, its just happen you were the first one to represent them in certain ways.

The mystery of execution
So, what happen when an individual see, hear or read about a certain ideas and decide to execute them? Well, when you read and understand about certain ideas you don’t gain any ideas you just search for possible alternatives of representing your ideas. That sound weird but it is, what it is, still someone can say No! bro! When I read I absorb ideas from other individuals. Hahah… Well, lets try a simple experiment, Let say you meet with strangers who know how to build things and give them an idea of the building a living place which contain a living room, sleeping room and kitchen, and just let them build what they can. We all know, these individuals will both build houses but their houses will obviously look different. But why?! Someone will still claim maybe you should give exactly design of what they should do?! But still each person will execute your idea in his own ways. The same is applicable in studies when students do practical activities regardless of how guideline is, still students execution and outcome of the practical will always differ. No wonder in this planet, no matter how things look similar they are always posses some differences. This is what happen when someone listen to your idea and take action, they don’t do your idea but rather they execute their ideas based on your representation, sometimes when they execute it can look almost the same but when you look close you will soon realize its just something else.

Let us drop the BOMB! an run
Up to this point its reasonable to ask, why this matter this matter bro? Lets us do this way, 1st No matter how much books and papers of Einstein one can read that person can never be Einstein, however the representation of Einstein ideas can make him understood his ideas better. When you see things that way, its inevitable to take things seriously and execute them more efficiently coz they are your ideas indeed. 2nd, Sharing your ideas can indeed never make your ideas stolen, however it will make you understood them better through having other individuals perspectives about your ideas. Regardless of been totally invisible ideas are powerful and transformative, therefor its make a perfect sense for you as an individual to have discipline of writing them down in order to preserve them and execute them more effective. Remember I mentioned once an individual believe that ideas can be stolen its become a dogma, believe it or not that individual can read all this article and still hold that view. Well, I believe you can do better than that.

Last but not least, you can just drop me one cool idea and I will really appreciate that and probably drop mine too.


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