The Ancient Designer

A fool has said in his heart, there is no God … Psalm 14:1

A jar of common sense 🍯
For the sake of controversy of the subject, most of individuals with common sense have avoided to put their pen down and illuminate this topic, consequently the subject has left to few and probably mediocre individuals who have lead astray majority of the community. But in your thoughts its inevitable to have these kind of hesitations, like, “Where are we heading bro. into, … heaven or hell?!” Hahah!!! or “Bro. this is investment community, so, how does God issues fit in?!” As the writer I was also puzzled by the similar doubt however my thoughts changed after a series of observations. To make it clear, the knowledge of God we will elucidate in this article will neither talk about heaven nor hell, however at the end you will realize how crucial it is to have or add this kind of perspective when you are building your business or approach any situation in life. As the name of this series “the powerful invisible”, its already clear to you that as a writer I perceive God as a powerful being, so for any curious individual there are three probable questions to ask, where is s/he?, what kind of power does he have? and can s/he allow me to use those power? Hahah!!! with all respect of your religious leader, coz I’m not one of them, let us take a diverse route.

Atheist delusion 🐵
So, who is an Atheist? Someone whom for whatever reasons has come to conclusion that God does not exist. hahah!!! To him/her three mentioned question make zero sense, since s/he denies the presence of God. According to christian doctrine s/he is the equivalent of a fool. Someone must ask, so how comes some of individuals in academia like professors, doctors, philosophers, etc. become fools while we absolute know they posses a lot of knowledge in their respective fields? It does not make any sense for someone to be an elite and a fool simultaneously, but for whatever reasons these individuals are fools under the umbrella being an elite. In brief to an atheist the fact that he doesn’t see, touch, smell, hear or taste god are sufficient to draw a conclusion that “God doesn’t exist” however, if you have been following this series you will realize how delusional an atheist is, fact is there are things which are not direct observable but they do exist and they are real, this things can be ideas, numbers, language, etc. So, can we probably define God, ops! Maybe we can, however our definition will be constrain to only single point of view, nevertheless if we will not attempt offer the definition its more probable for this view to be inaccessible to majority.

The grand architecture 📐
So, let us start by common terminology, those which we are all familiar with, Patterns, Yap! Patterns. Since the day we have been born we have been seen dozens of patterns,
…human beings have to born, have to live, have to die, we call this pattern life.
…the sun has to raise, has move in the sky, has to set, we call this pattern day.
…water has to evaporate from earth, trapped in the sky, then condense down, we call this pattern rain fall.
…when individuals sees the demand, create the value to suite the demand, then supply the value to the right demand, we call this pattern economy
…when early scientist realized the moon is moving around the earth, and the earth is moving around the sun and the sun is moving around the center of the galaxy, they call that pattern gravity.

You can go on and on and realize even simplistic things in your surroundings like small bugs as spiders, lizards, etc they follow some sorts of patterns, even the way you eat, sleep and talk you consciously or subconsciously follow a certain pattern. The puzzle is the pattern is not something you can simply see but for sure it exist. So, back to our question, can we attempt to define God?

By simple definition, God is the skillful designer of grand patterns.

~ Unknown

Back to our questions ⁉️
As we reason before we hold three different questions, Where is God? What kind of power does s/he possess? Can we also access similar kind of power? Let us approach the first question as follows, if the designed pattern exist its obvious God himself is not the designed pattern, however the arrangement of his/her building block can give us the perception of the designer. So, one of the reasonable approach to know where is he, is to study available patterns knowing they will guide you to the maker of patterns. The second question was about the kind of power s/he possess, well according to our definition the power is hidden within the pattern, let us put it this way, the efficiency of farmer largely depend on how he can know the rain season and dry season, the profitability of business is largely depend on how a businessman can understands circles of supply and demand, and so on. So, the power is within the understanding of the pattern. The last question was about, accessibility of such power which up to this point we know its accessible. For sure we can not create gravitational pattern but we can use various mathematical models to understand how the pattern works and use it to launch rockets, navigate the sky and land safe on the planet surface. Since the maker of all these patterns is a skillful designer its obvious that the task of understand particular patterns my require the great deal of time, however the magnitude of the reward once the pattern is understood is worth life-time of constantly search. So, at the end we can blend these concepts and business or investments.

God’s perspective in business 📜
Due to limited understanding of how things works its always possible for an individual to encounter positive unexpected results, termed as good luck, based on the unknown actions. Almost everyone is familiar with the tingling and amazing feeling when you feel to be the luckiest being however to the mind of the designer its not how things suppose to behave. Your business or investment is a complex machine with particular set of input which gives certain outputs, however if you accept that, it will require extra dedication to understand how that particular business or investment works. When majority of individuals confronted by such reality, they always decides to press random buttons. Hahaha… and well, the machine will start to offer random results, not because is a random machine but rather due to the operator decision of ignoring the manual and decide to operate it in a pure random manner. In that case an individual can consume an insane amount of time to archive something which could be attained in a short time span and never know how he archived it on the other side if he could approach the challenge with the mindset of designer and start to figure out where is the pattern the whole process could be different.

According to this article, as the reader you will have two options, 1st is to keep operating your business as a random processes or the second option which involve more dedication of time and effort to learn and implement according to what certain patterns works in particular business category. The 1st option can indeed bring you a quick results but you will have challenge with sustainability while the second option which reflect the mindset of designer might take a relatively longer time however once you master a certain pattern it can be a life time turn-over. To wind this up, the sole purpose of this article is to illuminate the possible consequences of each approach, however one is free to choose what suit him or her the best. I personally opt to think how God think.


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