The Mindset

Most of us are familiar with strange stories of human experiments, where some individuals got captured and locked in a sealed vessels just before they die so that their souls can be captured and ka…booom!!!, vessels exploded and the experiment just ended there, hahah… for sure I don’t know if that is true or a lie but let us use our uncommon, common sense to juggle around the idea of human mind, its mindsets and how to blend it in our business lives.

How do we even know we have it?
Any naive critical thinker can instantaneously assume am talking about brain, and the answer is no, a BIG No! Human mind is not the brain however human brain tend to respond to the mind like how other parts of human body. The key difference is that brain is the most complex organ we know so far how its correlated to mind. This intro is enough to give you some brain buzz, hahah… coz in reality it make a very little sense. Anyone can argue, if mind is not the brain then how do we even know what mind is? and where is it located? Facing the similar challenge, couple of scientist conducted an experiment to an individual under comma, subject has nearly zero brain functions for all cognitive and conscious activities, kind-of half dead person. So, what did they do?, they allowed noisy sounds in subject’s ears and they see no change in brain waves, they try bells and strange words but again there was no sign of any brain activities, only when they call their names or say names of things they truly love or care, suddenly they got a spike of brain waves, but wait! all conscious brain has been shut down and only very minor unconscious parts of brain were rarely functioning, How could the subject respond? So, they try again and again with other subjects and results were the same all the time, conclusion was, somehow individuals responded without any direct involvement of signal processing, so far this is one of the reason medical practitioners recommends when a person is in comma its reasonable to find someone s/he dearly love or and talk to him/her continuously until they recover. So, in summary there is part of you beyond the whelm of observation and measurements.

You are the reflection !
Hahaha… Hold your breath and carry on. But think for a minute even when no other observable means processing information we still have the ability to respond to particular information. To make it more obvious, its like the thing which make us respond to various things and have particular inclinations toward what we constantly observe is itself not observable hahah… Hold your breath again. So, the universe has found her own ways of make us fools again. So, when you talk, you easily assume your words come from your head but Nop! they come from your mind. When you listen music and feel cool, Its not your brain which actually feels cool but your mind. When some individuals prefers certain options and abandon others its the reflections of their minds not their brains, that why, you may find a genius individual who don’t want to use his abilities and end up with terrible life, while an individual with average cognitive abilities can be willingly to work at his/her level best and have a far better life than an intellectual individual. Its like regardless of having certain abilities you also need a particular mindset. So, two individuals with similar abilities may have completely different lives, based on how their minds have been structured. To wrap this up, the known version of you is a brief reflection of your mind.

Business and mindset
So, we navigate what mind is and to some degree we know its neither the brain nor something tangible. On top of that we also realize human mind can respond to certain inputs. With such infinitesimal enlightenment one may directly guess its possible to train someone mind, particular your mind. If we want to be a better businessman or investors we are responsible for building the business mindset for ourselves, this basically includes guiding what we frequently watch, read or listen coz in one way or another those things blends our minds and determine our business or investments performance. The dark side of this, is knowing that whether you know or you know not, you constantly learn and train your mind, however we ignorantly choose to call class sessions as learning time, the same is applicable to your mind. Your mind is constantly under construction based on what you watch, read and listen, therefor stay attentive and know what to engage and what to run away from. In these articles we have been constantly navigate various ideas which can reshape your investment and business mindset in general. If you have read this far and business is not your thing, well done too, at least you have the mindset which can enable you to absorb knowledge, all I can say is never loose that.


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