Life Itself

Sweet Lies
Sometimes the key to understand about the subject is knowing how much you don’t know about the subject Hahah… that is one of common counter intuitive insights. Since the main aim of this series was to illuminate some of powerful and realistic concepts which by far are not directly measurable in our whelm of reality but have the essence of being there, let us open the pandora box of Life. Its funny to realize how easy 3 years kid can easily differentiate a living thing and a non living thing, but yet there are so many puzzles one will always encounter on the attempt to define what Life is. Can we say good life is having a chunk amount of money, absolute authority or power, luxurious life or etc. etc. Its reasonable to argue, … but brother this is investment and business community, why do we constantly bumble and mumble around strange philosophical concepts like these, which are sooo… far from actual Money… Its weird!.

Bitter Truth
Let me put it this way, as am writing this, there are common narratives around community which doesn’t add up or make any proper sense. First, most of employed individuals constantly complain about their employment conditions, this have always result to zero progress in their carrier or field of expertise which results to less and less income. As time goes on its inevitable for those individuals to become less productive, less wealth, less connected and less valued. One might say, but bro! Working environment are so creepy, and that the main reason. Well, lets look outside of the employment ship and pick the Second narrative, other call it small business, other call it entrepreneur, the name doesn’t matter, Hahah… but when we look at it we realize, Holly Crap!!! More than 90% of businesses fail and stop within 3 years! WTH. Hahah… This will definitely make most of individuals who quit their jobs and opt to start their business rush into job market again as soon as things start to fall apart within their businesses. So, if an individual can’t work for someone neither work for themselves, it’s reasonable to propose, the problem is neither the job market or the business environment but rather something else, … then what it is? Due to an overwhelming puzzling nature of such puzzle, some individuals put another tag on top of it and call it, life. Hahah… Its like a common nature of human beings to name something they don’t understand with something they complete don’t understand. But let us face the naked and bitter truth, I’M THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, WE ARE THE PROBLEM, One might say, No! I’m NOT! But let me put it this way your Habits, Ethics, Manners and Values are the center of all bulls**t you are facing. That might sound hash, but if you have carried this read word by word this far you will start to understand why most of afromist articles sound more philosophical and ethical rather than opportunistic and motivational. So, let us pull our socks and reason together, What the F**k is this Life! Hahah…

Literature review
Since we are not the first one to face such a conundrum let us navigate around generalized ideas from other fields or individuals and cast our skeptical views on possible implications of their definitions.
to Darwinian, life is a random process, the fit will survive and the weak will be eliminated, Mmh! Its seems like Darwin had a pretty rough life, hahah!!! If you pick this view you primarily assume randomness to life, however life is not entirely random at its core, for example recently studies of genetics indicates each DNA sequence contains specific error correcting codes, so the notion of monkeys turning into human or any other crazy Darwinian assumptions are just ferry tales, the theory look pretty in it’s assumptions but its way far from reality.
… for a Synthetic Chemist, life can be defined as the existence of particular DNA sequence which interact with other molecules in a very specific way to replicate and maintain itself consistently in such a manner that the living organism can behave the way it behaves. So, if the sequence is known, can we make that sequence? The answer is, Nop! Not now, not any time soon, but at least they can observe and record it, however its a too damn complicated sequence to be created in the lab. So, what the point, hahah… let us try other fields.
… for a Businessman, an individual who know very less and probably nothing about DNA and all he sees are individuals interacting with each other. To him life is simply a manner in which interacting individuals make profit with their actions or makes losses with their actions, the rest make little sense to him. Well this doesn’t mean other previous mentioned definitions are insignificant but they are less applicable towards who businessman is.
… so when you keep navigating from one individual or field to another you will see more and more views and trust some of definitions can literally blow your mind. But if we have reach this far can’t we try to build our own definition for what life is, this definition will not solve all of our problems but will offer insights of what step needed to be taken farther. So, according to afromist community, ‘Life is the reality someone perceive based on set of values s/he posses and operate within.’ Well, that seems to be simple but it has significant insights when an individual blend it properly.

The final pill
If someone will pull the definition of Life we offered and blend it business, its simply implies that, one of the main ingredient an individual need to have in order to be a successful businessman or investor are RIGHT VALUES and the rest will take care themselves. Since values are not random but choices one make everyday, your failure or success is largely depends on values you operating within everyday while making choices as an investors, businessman and by surprise of many, even as an Employee. Cultivating proper values such as learning habits, patience, humbleness and many other as how have been elucidated in this articles and others has always yields positive results, especially when an individual who applied them know the reason behind. So, let us wind this up with this token of advice, before bumping from one narrative to another of how to make your life better, check your CORE VALUES coz they are indeed something need to be fixed before the rest of details have been put into consideration.


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