Progress begins with a sense of gratitude

Keep this number in your head and roll on …

Humbled Cynical
It’s obvious that the manner I put my pen into reasoning doesn’t resemble a form of motivational speeches that somehow life will turn out to be remarkable or spectacular if someone will follow a certain piece of formula/s however I’m also not blind of the observed correlation within certain principles and outcomes to a reasonable degree for an individual to draw a simple conclusion of cause and effect. With such arguments whenever an individual pick certain principles s/he also has to diligently accepts the risk associated with the path. If you can dare to put yourself on shoes of a mad scientist and attempt to count the probable answer for the probability of you reading this article, at this time, with that device, you will go nuts when you realize how small the number is, if you will dodge that and imagine how you get conceived in the womb of your mother, the probabilities involves spam cells are just another messy process, you can go on and on and on and realize how crazy blessed and gifted for you to be in this moment and all other previous moments. As a curious soul you probably asking yourself “What does this Guru talks about!” Hahah… Like any other wondering soul not a guru or an elite, my deficiency of not been able to distinguish between blindness and darkness have made me realize how essential is, to be grateful for the order we have been constantly observing, the path we took and steps we managed to attain in our lives.

Blind in the oblivion
Since our knowledge as human beings is insanely limited and most of our efforts to acquire more of anything has ironically reveal how lesser and lesser we can know or have, one can fall into a trap of constant suppression of infinitesimal accomplishment s/he attained. To put it into a simple language, let say you are a businessman and you have closed your business with a profit, a massive profit, but deep in your heart you are pretty sure at any moment a single meeting from authorities can pass a single policy which can wipe you out of the business in a single day. Hahah… Truth is, the moment the charms of profit disappears in your thoughts, the uncertainty of what can happen to your business nails in your thoughts and made you behave in strange ways nobody really knows why?! Hahah… Though this might sound hypothetical, its also applicable in other scenarios such as relationships, studies and job. What actually happens, is not the complete unavailability of any progress to be grateful of within that particular moment, but rather the involved individuals consciously or subconsciously marginalize the situation and zoom out what could go wrong to the maximum possible magnitude. Since facts are primarily objective, once we incline to particular lemma just because its a fact without posing our subjective views on them we sometimes arrive to crazy conclusions which cost us dearly. If you remember the number on top of this article, that the number of individual dies due to house accidents in America, maybe they can be more or less in your country but in simple terms, you sleep in the house, the house probably fall on you or something else, or whatever, then you die, Hahah… But should we now start to sleeping outside, in open yards!?, Damn NO! We will deal with Fundi properly during construction, take the risk and be grateful everyday the roof didn’t crash us.

Grateful Note
As a writer and on behalf of Afromist team I’m grateful for your presence as the reader or visitor. Maybe you had a simply look or full read or comment or suggestion or sharing of Afromist contents to other places or just do anything concerning the released articles. On behalf of Afromist community I’m glad to submit my gratitude and appreciations for such wonderful contribution which enable constantly release of these articles for the period of 1 Year. If you have any recommendation for afromist, please let us know what your thoughts are.
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  1. Justine Mazinge says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary for this educational site. Keep


    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thank kaka, We will keep it up!


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