Cognitive Bias

The Raise of Dogmas
Maybe you once heard about five monkeys experiment, if so, bear with me and refresh your memories, if else, let us dive in and navigate around.
1st, Ignorance Level: Researchers set a cage and put a ladder at the center of the cage and bananas at top of the ladder. Primarily, when monkeys allowed to get in the cage one of them immediately attempted to climb the ladder in order grab some bananas and GUESS what happened?!!, Water valves at the cage top released cold itchy water to monkeys and leave them under terrible condition. So, every time any monkey feel a need to take bananas the whole group of monkey suffered dearly with itchy cold water. Then something interesting happened, MONKEYS start to THINK different, they have to FIGURE OUT HOW THEY CAN HAVE BANANAS WITHOUT CRAZY ITCHY WATER or STOP TAKING BANANAS, However this puzzle is too big for monkeys, guess what did they do?!! Here is what happened, Eventually, every time one of monkeys attempt to take some bananas the whole group BEAT that single monkey and make sure he never climb to the ladder again. Hahah… As a group, they simply can’t take it any more. However by the time been that simple precaution enabled monkeys to not have crazy itchy cold water messy, congratulations, level 1 dogma is accomplished, IGNORANCE.
2nd, Fear Level: Then researchers decided to replace one monkeys with a new one. Now the new monkey don’t know about the rules, so, eventually it attempted to climb the ladder, well as usual, the rest of four monkeys BEAT the monkey down, unfortunately no explanation can be given to a new monkey however every time he attempted to climb for bananas he got beat up, hahah… consequently the combination of fear and ignorance made new monkey stop his quest. Now the monkeys not only don’t know the mechanics behind banana but also don’t allow another to approach the challenge. Well done, level 2 dogma accomplished, FEAR.
3rd, Induction Level: They proceeded with the experiment and replaced another new monkey with one of original monkeys. As usual a new monkey tried to climb the ladder, well instantly, the group of monkeys start to beat a new monkey. The funny part of this phase is that even a last replaced monkey who didn’t experience any thrust of itchy cold water participate on beating of the new replaced monkey. Hahah… so, they keep replacing monkeys and the beating continued, until all original group monkeys get replaced, but the beating never stop! Hahah… Congratulations, level 3 dogma accomplished, INDUCTION.
So, ignorance produced fear and fear created an induction effects which propagate a dogma from one group individual to another and probably generation to generation. So maybe you still think, you are soo.. different from these monkeys, really?! Before jumping into conclusion let us try to crack some of common dogmas, which probably exist in our daily lives.

Into the bAd LaNd of dogmas
Dogmas can result from many sources however dogmas backed up with cognitive bias can be more puzzling especially when are backed up with statistical figures, before we waste more of our time, let check some of creepy dogmas which are current at global level,
No Need For Education Dogma: I hope you are familiar with these statements, … most of graduate students from collages fail to secure real jobs, OR … the current education is not sufficient to produce graduates who are competent with their skills, OR … even without education or education systems people can actually perform better and have remarkable skills, etc. etc. I’m sorry if this can be a little bit disturbing and maybe you agree with those hypes, however my simple analysis made me term these statements bullsh**s senseless hypes in which I will soon point my reasons for such conclusion within lines of this article. Now if you blend this madness with media promos which essentially care less or zero about the the impact of content they produce but rather focus on chaotic news which can generate large traffic for attracting advertisers its possible to fool community in unimaginable magnitude. So, lets reason this way, YES some of graduates fail to access the job market which is currently indeed limited and competitive, but fact is failure to attain standard education from collage put you into a far worse situation of not access that competitive market. The key here is Not to Trash Education System, but rather put more emphasis on candidates to selects majors, whereby they can be highly productive, creative and innovative, and finally be excellent in those fields of expertise. On top of that, though a lot of blames have been casted to the current education system, truth is most of individuals haven’t been able to utilize even primary skills such as reading, writing and counting to solve most of their real life challenges. Though some claim to read a lot, let say in social media, well they actually scroll a lot and constantly bombarded with insane ads and chaotic post, that’s why most of social media addicts are depressed but book addicts are smart individuals. I personally accept that the current education system needs a lot of improvements, however, at it’s current status it can still provide meaningful outcome if community will approach it appropriately, coz in grand scale, We Need Educated Community more than most of our estimates, and this is applicable to national level, family level and individual level.
Networking Without a Value Dogma: So, deep in your thoughts you think maybe after having access to that particular individual (role-model) some of my ideas and dreams can turn into reality, and day after day you keep fantasizing how lucky other individuals are talented or they can easily access what they want due to connections they have. Well the day arrived and you had what you call a life time opportunity of meeting with that single individual whom presumably in your thoughts you think s/he can listen to you but all you had on your hands are promises, No Real Service, No Real Product, No Real Team but only the an Idea itself hahah… though s/he can listen to you and get interested on you ideas, s/he will need extra efforts to make him/her have something to act upon. In grand scale connections without proper values to be shared within that particular connection is just another form of connectionless. You will eventually meet potential individual, talk, laugh and eat but probably never have meaningful connection with their businesses or activities until they actually see the value you can offer or share with them.
You Are The Boss Dogma: To clarify this, let me put it this way, you hear someone typical announcing that he hate working under someone or report to someone, on top of that s/he dreams of becoming a boss or a leader on the coming future. First things first, how can you be a boss or a leader without having loyal individual under your guide? On top of that, if you can’t figure out how to deal with stressful crazy bosses how can you advise and guide those at your command when they face the situations you were once in and being unable to resolve? If you don’t respect the position you currently have and work diligently on it, how can you advise and act accordingly when other individual at your in-charge take the similar position? If you carefully observe you will realize it take a great and loyal servant to make a great and trustful master. Hahah… This might sound contrary to common wisdom but if you re-think careful you will start to realize how important it is to embrace the position you have and work diligently onto it. In addition, this doesn’t give us an excuse to tolerate abusive leaders but rather its a call to work our level best for any positions we attained at a particular moment.

A Colloquial Resolution
So, if you read through monkey experiment and read the title of this article, you will realize how easy is it to create dogmas as the result cognitive bias, the irony is, even an attempt to dodge current dogmas one can create other new dogmas. Therefor based on what we discuss through this article and dogmas we highlighted, its reasonable to pose the following question as the conclusion,
1st, Is knowledge available in our education system really useless OR somehow we are not efficient enough to absorb, utilize and create useful solutions which can improves our lives?
2nd, With current information era we exist, do lack access to get connected to potential individuals OR we actually don’t have valuable things to share with connections we manage to access?
3rd, The undesired situation most of individuals experience are they solely contributed by positions/title they acquired? OR the sphere of values they choose to operate with is source of their suffering?
The answer to this questions can probably offer an insight which can help us reduce the number of dogmas our community currently suffers. However, keep this in your mind, mindless monkeys will be the first one to beat the hell out of you, hahah.. therefor while you resolve dogmas of your life BE AWARE of Angry Monkeys.


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