At the end, We all get caught!

The title of this dialogue was stolen from a movie and the funny way to read this dialogue between me and my brother is by picking your two favorites characters from a movie or cartoon, then imagine them while passing through a dialogue up to the end of dialogue where moral of the story lies. For me, I could just pick Rick and Morty, or Calvin Hart and The Rock, either way, you can pick any.

[Door opened, we enter the house]
Me: Look at this tomatoes and vegetables, they have manage to stay for 4 days unrotten without any refrigeration. Jeez this is cool!, We are so lucky!

Jo: WTH! We are literally screwed, we shouldn’t be any grateful, as a matter of fact, we should feel scared and sorry!?

[Me been amazed]
Me: Sorry?! Scared?! For what?!

[Jo ridiculous laughter]
Jo: Hahah…! Sorry for all damn sort of vegetables we have been eating from that Genge?!

[With puzzling expression]
Me: I still don’t get it!!!

Jo: How can you be so dumb?!, Literally speaking, how can a vegetable be plucked from the soil, delivered at genge, come to our house and stay for 4 days without rotting?

Me: WTF! Yeaa…h! It make absolutely zero sense, it should be rotten by day 1!!! Holly crap! What do they put into this vegetables?!!!

[Jo ridiculous laughter]
Jo: Hahah…! Now you come to your senses.

Me: For sure, what is wrong with this vegetables?! Did they genetically modified them or what?!!

Jo: Not exactly! But we are just pests right now, I’m a small bug and you are a big bug!?

[Me been puzzled again]
Me: What?!! Bugs!

Jo: Pesticides brother!, the same pesticides which killed all bugs and pest who dared to eat these vegetable are still in this vegetables.

Me: OMG! Now I see! Oh… No! Sooo… We have been eating this chemicals for months?!! THis SuCks!

Jo: It really sucks?!!

[With angry expression]
Me: Why does government allow this? It shouldn’t! They really have to do something!?

Jo: Hahah… No bro! Not really, you know how they think, unless massive cancer cases or other crazy disease erupt those guys will really do nothing!

Me: I agree, those guys have never been on time. But there must be something bigger than that! I still wonder why we didn’t know all that time.

[While rolling fingers]
Jo: Yeah sure! It’s what they call PrOgreSS!. Stopping these pesticides will make farmers more poor, business less sustainable and government will collect less tax.

[While looking at vegies]
Me: So, its all about farmers, businesses and government. OMG! Who gonna save us?!!

Jo: NOBODY Bro! Just us. This scenario has turned us into a little lost mice inside rabbit hole, there is very less we can do more than wonder around and live the damn hole alone, or probably get lost.

Me: I’m starving and I don’t wanna see anything vegies related around me. Any other idea for a dinner?!

Jo: We better go somewhere else and have dinner. But we should really think of starting a home garden.

Me: Yeah! That make more than sense.
[Closing the door, leaving the house]

Maybe you are still thinking about how can you eat healthy, sue the businessmen, force government to ban pesticides, start home garden, etc. etc. HAHAH…!!! that currently not my business BUT here is my take away, In one way or another life appears to be like a crazy and complex game in which, for either alternative you pursue there will be sacrifices and probably terrible consequence. In order to give you must take, but the desire of taking everything will eventually turn you into self-obsessed individual incapable of giving anything, in order to build your business you will eventually eliminate other businesses but eliminating every business will work against your business at end of the day, in order to learn something new you will have to ignore what you have learn and knew previously but ignoring everything you have learn will also make you a mad person, you can go on and on and realize similar loops arise everywhere. Since no set of specific rules can guarantee you results, for such kind of game it’s really essential to always stay cautious, be rational, be realistic and above all manage your expectations. So, let me ask you, If someone could grant you the POWER OF THE GODs, Hahah… How could you react based on the ABOVE DIALOGUE?! Honestly I’m clueless, waiting for your opinion. As the title of these article emphasis, at the end we will all get caught, therefor its better not waste your time fool yourself and get real with your life.

I appreciate your time for reading this far but please don’t hesitate to share, comment and inform others who need to know this kind of information. Help me sharing.


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