The formidable price of free lunch

Under the hood of FREE STUFF
It’s early in the morning, your eyes are heavy, your head is kind of dizzy, your brain flip and flop, you don’t even know if you are awake or still in one of your crazy nightmare’s. But somehow, magically, your hand stretch up, grab your smartphone, open WhatsApp, click status section and start to scroll down spontaneous. Jeez!!!, did someone program your brain or you are some kind of modified version of zombies. Now after reading this, its common for our brains to shout silently, ” What the hell!!! Hahah… Wo wo wo, Nop! That not me”, but how can you tell for sure, on top of that a similar pattern can just emerge anywhere when someone is about to sleep, bored during a day, afraid of something, at office, … just anywhere. Fact is, it doesn’t matter at what age you are, the odds of someone mindlessly consumed and hooked by social media are spectacular high, to the extent that individuals with exposure to social medias have shown almost 3 times depression susceptibility than those who don’t actively engaged with social medias. However, if someone can rewind time backward at the beginning of social media era, s/he can come with completely different perception, probably s/he will imagine an endless possibility of getting connected with every individual through out the world, and the most funny part of this wild dream, is that this potential COMEs FREE OF CHARGE. It’s like facing a magician who has pulled a rabbit out an empty box and give you as a gift. For any curious individual will absolutely question if what s/he was given was a real rabbit or somehow a magician has played another tricky beyond the perception of the audience. But a rabbit is for FREE, what less or more can you loose. So, to our surprise, we have end up with inevitable fate of magical rabbit.

The future of Magical Rabbit
Let’s proceed with a magical rabbit and luckily enough we managed to take a rabbit at home, cooked it and make a delicious meal. But at morning we had some terrible stomach aches, we suspected somehow what happened to has has to do with the yesterday dish but everything seemed to be nice and good the moment we ate. Days passed and we got another chance to attend a magic show, and see the same tricky of pulling the rabbit out of hat, but this time something else happened, the magician somehow cut an alive rabbit and start to pull a lot of rotten things out of the rabbit, worms, maggots, just … yaakh stuffs. You can definitely picture an expression we would probably end up with, however the most puzzling question will be, ” What the f@%& did we ate last time.?!” You can replace this example by imagine a FREE HOT PIZZA from magician and end up with the same results. And by the way, the magician didn’t ask us to eat the rabbit, he just gave the damn creature to us. Somehow we thought it was a FREE FOOD. Could we sue the magician?, Surely we could, but we didn’t kept any proof, Did he forced to take it?, Not really we just assumed its a nice thing to have gifts from someone and consequently obligated to take it. Up to this point you can typically guess who appear on top of To Blame List, its no one more than US and Our decisions, since we denied one simple fact of life that, ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, we will have to pay the price. Frankly speaking this seems to be KiNdErGaRtEn Level of Education but unfortunately the lure of free stuff sway our decision and made us ate something weird and unknown under the tag of FREE STUFF. In similar manner, we didn’t know the agenda behind what currently known as social media, we didn’t know they were addictive, we didn’t know they could cause depression, we didn’t know owners could bias what they want us to see for their own benefit and we didn’t know they can hide what they don’t want you to see, but since was a FREE STUFF we almost had no clue until the whole thing role through out the world. So, what about a leader, who promise FREE EDUCATION, FREE HEALTH, FREE HOUSING, etc. etc. Can life be better under the holy umbrella of FREE SERVICEs for PUBLIC or it’s a right time to hold back and check the mechanics behind this magical rabbit.

Magical rabbits to the rescue !!!
At this point it’s fair to switch free-stuff gears from magical rabbit and social media to politics of ferry tales, let me drop you at the political campaign and on a stage is one heck of activist full of energy and shouts, n all echo in our hears is “Our children deserves free education, Our families will have free health service and Our young people must be employed”. Well, for majority of political meetings these types of speeches end with a big shout from the audience, as a symbol of hope and bright future ahead of them. But if you read this article to this point, its obvious that, the politician look like someone trying to pull a rabbit out of empty box, so what gonna follow after that?!!. reality is, it takes a huge cost to establish, operate and maintain any health or educational facilities, also it requires an individual to be well connected and full of skills to attain and maintain particular role, out of these options its almost inevitable to fall under the category of magic rabbit. On top of that for anyone who likes reality must expect to work really hard, use his/her creativity and earn an equivalent value of service. But that not what actually happens, by surprise people have constantly been willingly to hold upon unrealistic promises of FREE Things rather than DRY truth of COST TO BE PAID. With such advantage anyone with a tag of free services or product can maneuver with their economy, finances, families, friends, business, jobs or anything the way he wants.

So, bro. how do we sum-up all of this?, Can we make politicians accountable for their fake promises?, That seems an option, but WHAT THEN?!! for sure these politicians lies a lot, however, we still need them, fact is we need some kind of leadership and hierarchy since it’s impossible for everyone to communicate with everyone in the country. Should we start road demonstrations to deny things we have been given for free and those which we were promised to be given, hahah… That will be next to impossible, by the way, how can you mobilize a group of individual to deny free stuffs. So, if we can’t overcome the idea by itself or a person whom propagate an idea who else do we have to overcome? The answer is simple and straight forward, “Overcome Thyself”. Someone can absolutely yell “What?!” truth is one of the possible approach after knowing this, is for someone to constantly learn to overcome and ignore the temptations of free stuffs, since they have far terrible price at the end. Its sound hilarious for an individual with common sense to expect his son or daughter been trained and educated for 13 years free of charge by someone else in order to rescue his family, with such attitude most of parents have end up selling their precious children to government schemes which have very little to do with progress of their children or families. Before stoned by angry parents, let me put it this way, its reasonable to pursue what best for you as an individual, however expecting something from nothing in every situation of our lives is the worst option one can take.

While approaching the edge of year 2020, it’s essential to accept the fact that there is a price for whatever we desire and it’s our responsibility to work diligently and figure out how to afford it before any anonymous individual offered us for free and start to mingle with our lives.

~ Afromist End Of Year Free Token


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