Equality over my dead-body

(Hadithi njoo, uongo njoo, utamu kolea …
(Bring the tale, bring the lies, make them sweet …

The inspirational phrase which tells you “You can be whoever you wanna be” has another, less interesting counter-part, which is, “… for whatever you wanna be there is a price to pay depends on who you already are”. While the first phrase offers you an incredible possibilities and optimism, the second phrase give you the practical implication when you really wanna have an endless stream of possibilities. Before this topic start getting more weird let’s twist it by creating a pseudo-scenario of two ladies, young ladies. One Lady has an appealing look, she has a dazzling with a remarkable beautiful appearance but less smart, not stupid perce but neither intelligent, hahah… other lady is a sharp thinker, her mind is insane sophisticated, in brief she is genius but she don’t have an appealing look, she is not ugly, but for one or another reason you can’t put her on the list beautiful girls you came around.

Up to this point we can all agree that these two ladies are different. But let us go little bit deeper and search for some possibilities of Narrowing their differences. Maybe we can narrow the Gap, so let’s start.

PAPAs Turn …
As a FATHER you can propose, “I will send them to the best academy, so that they can EQUALY have good education”. Well if we debunk that, that can’t be true!!!. It’s obvious one kid is already naturally smarter than the other and taking them to the best education will make a less smart kid slightly smarter and brighter kid insane smart. Since these young ladies naturally attract different individuals base on what they already have, intelligence or beauty, therefore the moment you leave them they will almost automatically behave different even if they exist in the same system. To make this more bizarre, In grand scale schooling system doesn’t actually produce SMART people but rather smart people can survive in any competitive schooling system and be better and better in that direction.

MAMAs Turn …
As MOTHER you can argue, “I will find the best outfits and all sorts of decors to make my ladies remarkable beautiful”. Well if we debunk that again, as a mom you will eventually find one of your kids is already beautiful, as tradition, you will keep telling your kids are both equally beautiful but well, situations will prove otherwise when someone comes at your house and ask for one of your ladies as a wedding maid. The beautiful one will eventually be selected most of the time. Regardless of beauty been entirely subjective idea in comparison to intelligence, yet most of modern maneuvers can not easily offer what regarded as NATURAL beauty, in hilarious ways makeup and all sorts of decorations makes NATURAL Beautiful women look more natural beautiful even with make-ups and VICE VERSER is the true LESS beautiful women look less beautiful even with make-ups, In fact few drops of rain are sufficient to rewind the whole makeup to nothing. By realizing this COMMERCIAL ADs for cosmetics they always search for NATURALY beautiful women, then brand her as user of their cosmetics and never otherwise.

Up to this point as a reader you will start to be puzzled with other possibilities of making the outcome for these two souls the EQUAL. But honest truth which perceived as hash one, they can’t and they never will be equal, one hast to prevail better than the other base on advantage she have or else maybe a terrible price has to be payed to move forward. Well, if you consider an example we highlighted to contain simple two parameters and we already struggle with the concept of equality, how about dealing with full being package. Hahah… It’s almost next to impossible to attain EQUALITY, even to think about it. We can set and tag some aspect of lives as “WE OFFER EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES” BUT only fit candidates based on privilege we assigned will acquire those opportunities, at the end the rest will be eliminated. As the matter of fact the whole term equal opportunities is always used to avoid mummering and blames from other individuals who believe in the concept of FAIRNESS, but at its core its almost meaningless.

Up to this point what if we opt to ditch out the whole concept of equality and fairness? n Let us assume EQUALITY and FAIRNESS does not exist. I bet up to this point some of readers can start to point as a rude, hash and probably hilarious. Well if walk through this read from first letter to this point we both know its virtually impossible to attain any sort of equality in our course of life, even if we want not all can afford to pay the price for that. In your head something like this can knock “Sooo… No Equality, THEN WHAT, Should we start to hunt each other?! What can we put forward to adjust our course of life?!,It’s mind-bugling to know things are default designed to be unequal and unfair”. Well, I will put it this way, The fact that we have realized its almost impossible to attain equality doesn’t implies our life or society is good or bad to us, however the derived expectations from the perspective of EQUALITY have created an emotional turmoil of which we can really feel pain and despair which can’t be experienced once we opt for another point of view. Since, equality Juice always get blended with crazy emotions, it’s sometimes very difficult to opt for another perspective. But either way, let’s give it a shot!

The way to dodge this delusion lies upon our honest distinction between WHAT WE HAVE AND HAVE NOT; THEN USE WHAT WE HAVE plus WHAT WE CAN AND CAN’T DO and DO THAT WHAT WE CAN. If you regards time as a limited resource, its obviously we can’t do everything with equal efficiency but there are always things we can deliberately outperform other base on built-in advantage we have acquired. Its sound like a limited version of reality but its one of practical approach to life which can act as a stepping stone on negating equality delusion. It’s important to nail that your views, my views and other individual views about what you you have and have not OR what you can and can’t do, doesn’t actually direct correlate with reality, both me as the writer, you and other surrounding individuals can totally be wrong, with that regards being honest and practical as much as possible is really essential. Fact is it’s super easy to be fooled by yourself after dodging been fooled by others. At the the ground level IF YOU CAN DO A THING YOU WILL DO and IF YOU CAN YOU WILL NOT the same is applicable to HAVE if you HAVE a thing you will USE it and if you don’t YOU WILL NOT be able to use it even if its tagged under you name. Its weird really!!!, so what does all this mean and feels when we really sink into dynamics of common life,


Conventional Version of Truth:
“We are all equal under the law”
Debunked version:
Really! This whole law thing only works if you know the law and you can exercise power, else, the law favors those whom are in favor of the law and diligently punish who are ignorant of it, as the matter of fact THE LAW WASN’T DESIGNED TO BRING EQUALITY BUT TO KNOW HOW TO LIVE AND ACT WITH OUR INEQUALITIES. In contrary, the statement create an expectation that we gonna be treated equal by the law regardless of our differences, but fact is throughout the time History has teach us otherwise, the law doesn’t create equality fairytale most of individuals dream of.

Promoted Version of Truth:
“It doesn’t matter if you are a Man or Woman, You can do it, We are Equal”
Debunked version:
Hell No! Women are women and they have their own ways of handling things, so as men. Statistically speaking there are kind of jobs and businesses who perfectly suit women and they can do them better as women compared to men, so as men. This also doesn’t mean there are no activities which can be done well by both genders but their approaches to challenges will always differ though they can both accomplish the mission. At the end it’s not about who is better than other in general but rather its about who can perform excellent in particular criteria. MEN and WOMEN are DIFFERENT.

Famous Version of Truth:
“I have got a twin she goes by “Equity””
Debunked version:
Someone can argue that we can attain equality by offer different privilege to different groups base on their differences, “It’s EQUITY!”, well, the primary issue with such an argument is that, its very hard to draw lines for providing those privilege’, Second terrible implication is that, giving privilege to uncapable groups neither make them better nor incentives them to make other option therefore at the end your pursue for equality will create an insane wider gap of abilities than what existed before. The whole Equity thing is just another political tool to lure the mass.

Maybe you reach this far by scrolling or read word by word or read and skip partially. What important to realize is the fact that EQUALITY is a beautiful dream with chunk of promises while INEQUALITY is real life with hardcore truth. Dude, I don’t know how you wanna operate?, but I would better stay up with the hardcore truth and learn to take best possible leverages whenever opportunities arises in-front of me. Does that make stop helping and assisting those whom are behind me, Hell No!, As the matter of fact every time I help of support them I also get better. Does that make me jealous of those who are ahead of me, Hell No! But this remind me of things I still don’t know to move ahead an improve my Business or Carrier. So, one can act, WHAT THE DIFFERENCE NOW?!! Well in everything s/he do with consideration of the world of inequality as the default and unescapable reality of life, one can eliminate a bunch of mindless dreams and fairytales which could ruin his/her entire life, business or carrier. At the end the this will still be my honest opinion on how things works, one can take it or ground it.


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  1. gidepan says:

    Finish read it already i like it … thumbs up.

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks pal!


  2. Justine Mazinge says:

    I choose to take your honest opinion 🤝🤝. This is an eye opening Golden piece of advice to abide with🙏🏽🙏🏽. Keep it up Writer


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