Billions Vs Millions

3x10power(614) | DNA
You start with 3 then you add 614 zero after it. It can probably take you approximately 2 Years to finish writing it, if you only add one zero per day. Well that sound simple, but let us make it little complex then for each zero you add, you actually have to make something from it, let us pick a simple task, something like “making a mango juice”. Therefore, if we put this into action day one, you write 3 and make 3 glasses, day two yo write 30 and make 30 glasses, day 3 you write 300 and you have to make 300 glasses, on day 4 you write 3000 and you will have to make 3000 glasses of mango juice, … does this start getting weird?!, coz at first it seems very simple, but its very hard to implement in reality even in few rounds. As the matter of fact in a month you will have to make 3,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 glasses of mango juice, Hahah… that’s literally enough to make you insane, but what if you will keep doing it for until you reach 614 digit, “God Forbid!!!” That literally impossible even with a simple task like saying “Hello!” You can loose your mind Hahah! You can ask me WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NUMBER BRO?! Well, That the number for possible combinations on attempt to replicate your DNA Code, as the matter of fact all living creatures have their own, and don’t ever think that number can get lower if you are not human, probably a worm, its freaking the same.

So, here is the catch, if we felt exhausted with simple iterations of Juice Making, how does it feel if someone or something (we know not!) whom probably sorted all the iterations and make a single DNA makeup, as the matter of fact only and only single combination works and the rest are just trash, on top of that it was designed various fashionable way in such a way that you can clearly distinguish that this is the living and this is not a living thing just by looking it. Hahah…!!! Well, just by observing the number itself this is so puzzling. However, that’s not the end , let us have a look on another elephant in the room.

1.38x10power(10) | BIG-BANG
Up to this point you can be well aware of how this exponential numbers can insanely increase. In ordinary conversation Billion and Million can seems to be pretty close but will this are pretty different numbers, we just get accustomed to them and assume they are close, to make it more vivid, 1 Million Seconds are equivalent to 11 full days but 1 Billion Seconds are 31 full years, so don’t you ever confuse a Millionaires and a Billionaires. Hahah…!!! Billions and Millions are absolutely not the same not even close. Up to this point one must ask, “So, about this number on top?!” In brief early scientists look into stars, it was galaxies to be more specific, then they realized they get scattered away with time, Well any scientist can definitely find the velocity of the galaxies and rewind back the clock to see where did all this crazy scattering started. Well, its turn out its a pretty big number, but this time you start with 138 then you consecutively add 8 zeros. If we walked together on the first number you will have an ease in your thoughts coz the DNA combinations are gazillions of gazillions but this time, this number is little bit reasonable but still its pretty an insane number. If you repeat previous simple activity you will have to do it for 10 days, hahah… it’s still pretty very hard thing to simulate. So, in summary once upon a time, long time ago all the universe was all together somewhere, “there was a beginning!!!”. Hahah… But wait a minute, its reasonable to ask, “How did they actually notice the change in the sky?!” Well, let us keep opening one pandora box after another.

3x10power(8) | SPEED OF LIGHT
It’s seems like we are keep dropping the number and getting more familiar and probably to the arena where multitudes can also swim. Hahah… So, again, how did they know the speed of expansion and calculate the beginning, well it was largely contributed Doppler effect on light, when light emitting object moves away from Earth it’s appear more red (red shift) and if its moves toward the earth more blue (blue shift). This property is largely contributed by the behavior of light to somehow maintain its speed in a weird fashion which is mind blowing if one looks into the math side of it. Regardless of speed of light been the smallest in our list of numbers in this article it still have bizarre implication when anything try to approach it, Math suggest, The more object gain speed the heavier it become and less slow its clock tick, in simple term that object is you, you get super fast to the extent all things appear to freeze and your inertia get insane huge, Hahah… “You Become God!!!!!!…. hahah… kidding you die!!!”. Recently studies indicates that the speed of light can vary and therefore things will probably get more spooky on the days to come, probably we will not be here to witness the other pandora box get opened.

So, What does all this implies?
In any Number Based scenarios its easy to create simulations, assumptions and generalization but reality is always way paradoxical than any of our pre-assumed axioms. Well, this doesn’t mean numbers are scary or weird, its just mean we always have to pay more attention for the implications they indicate every time we came across them, for example, If Big bang suggest very small timespan compared to timespan required to test all possible combinations for DNA, then how can we believe in random process as the source of life? The rational approach to DNA problem is Intelligent Design, in contrary, random processes which suggest monkeys can become human are absolutely naïve. Hahah… Last but not least, this article was not created for the sake if typically illuminating a reader about examples mentioned inside however its a simple and bluntly illustration of significance of taking number serious in many aspects of our lives, it can be economics, business, family, carries or anything else. As my all time close remarks, “the Choice will Always be yours.”


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