1st letter, Fear Not To Lead, Lead

O thou Highness,
Thou are not only president,
Thou are King and thine authority is absolute.

Details enumerated on this passage reflects humble opinions and perceptions based on what I have been constantly observing as a loyal subject, hereafter, the enumerated propositions have no statistical data nor any attached validation therefor its your burden to search and verify their validity.

A glance from a past
As for you O thou King, it’s a common misconception for majority of population to assume and act upon ‘current forms’ of authorities as ‘fundamental forms’, this simply means, they are, and have been, like how they look like right now since ancient times. However, history indicates otherwise, as a matter of fact, its obvious and eminently vivid that most of ancient history is filled with Kings, Queens, Imperials and Princes whom operated under the arm of absolute authority this actually differ from democratic presidential leadership whom a leader is elected and rule under particular sets of democratic laws. It’s only recent history which is rich in democratic stable authorities nonetheless with close look any armature can still spot an embedded roots of absolute authorities. In Africa we can recall Kushite Kingdom, Kingdom of Aksum, Mali Empire, Songhai Empire, The Great Zimbabwe and many other ancient civilizations of such kind. Well, its obvious they all rise and collapse like many other Kingdoms around the world and that can be regarded as a hypothetical denominator for almost all empires around the world, that, all Kingdoms seems to vanquish. With such observation, O thou King, majority the mass have arrived to a terrible misconception, that they can presumably eliminate the Kingdom by removing the King or rebel towards authorities, as for you o King you must be aware that this is actually a blind thinking, since Kingdoms or Authorities by themselves are imaginary or hypothetical structures which set Leaders in position and mostly influence leaders to behave the way they behave, taking down the King or rebel doesn’t destroy the structure, in fact, unless done incredible unique, most of rebellions in history have resulted to more worse conditions than the previous which people rebelled upon. It’s a complicated task for me to decipher how these governing structure emerge and get solidified within collective mindset of the community however as a diligently subject in thine Kingdom I have stumbled and stuck with these two nearly unavoidable facts, firstly, The top position for any principality is always associated with absolute power and what termed as citizens are actually subjects to such principality. Secondly, authoritative hierarchy can not be eradicated by mass rebellion or Kings replacement, the hierarchy is the hierarchy. As for you thou King the more you understand about the nature of hierarchy you exist and the requirements for the position you occupy the more efficient you operate, get established and give executive orders.

The Mass Dilemma
Probably it may or may not be upon your understanding that single individuals and various masses will constantly perform a series of attempt to remove, grab, borrow or assimilate thy power several times however as long as thy position stay firm and the hierarchy stay intact it’s nearly next to impossible for individuals or masses to succeed unless the opportunity to do so is solely derived from your action upon the position of absolute power. In other words, the mass may think they have freedom to elect whom they want to be their leader, however with the hierarchy and position in your favor, o thou King you can opt to remain at the top of the Hierarchy or let someone else reign. Also, individuals may assume to have the freedom of speech and consequently assume that they are all equally treated, however reality is, only what addressed by you as a king can indeed reach the mass. Since majority of individuals within the mass will constantly focus with short term gains based on position they partake, with time it will make a perfect sense to create a delusive set of rewards which makes absolute zero sense with regards to thy Kingdom but act as a pseudo-response based on what various portions of the masses expect. On other hand your solely long-term agenda will remain intact with less interruption. With such approach some of individuals will get enlightened and drop their delusive views with time and act according to what is required by the Kingdom while others will inevitably remain upon the total darkness of your key motives. The long term repercussions of this is inevitable split between those who actually know and understand what is going on and those whom live in a delusive circle of unrealistic expectations with regards to what thy Kingdom prioritize, on top of that grand mistake is any attempt to forcefully close the gap.

Natural Inequality
O thou King, we do exist in times where the mass have somehow deluded that it’s possible to attain equality, hilariously mentioning, some men think they can actually do all duties of women, some women think they can do all duties of men, majority of kids are treated and considered as adults, some think they can really choose even their sex not to mention a large group of individuals who believe life to be an absolutely gambling game with no rules or margins, O my King these are very delusive times. While the idea of equality can deliberately appeal to the mass, it must come to your understanding that such equality is indeed a mere delusion which can’t be attained at any level. This is definitely not due to oppressive nature with regards to our line of thinking, but rather its due to inevitable fact that, all subjects within thine Kingdom have variation on their abilities, performances, experience and many other things, with such condition, even allowing participation of all individuals to all opportunities, (which is time-inefficient approach), at the end some of candidates must be eliminated and the most successful will eventually prevail. In grand scale it’s the responsibility of participant to be realistic and pick the right course or face constant eliminations which will cause waste of time and resource to such subject. It’s hard to admit and accept that the correct and realistic view of the world is the one which things are totally unequal and never be equalized, again, this does not prohibit your subjects to excel within their respective fields rather emphasize specialized performance which I regard to be the more efficient way in comparison to generalized shallow skills. By elaborating that it’s important for one to understand, not every one can be a King and rule as you are, Not everyone can be a soldier and face a battle, Not everyone can be a Wiseman and solve puzzles, etc. etc. however regardless of that directly or indirectly each subject is an essential parts which sustain the Kingdom.

Be a King and Fear God
O thou King, although you have been gifted with all these honor, power and mighty, deeply in thine heart, thou should come to realization that you didn’t sign or send an application letter before the day you were born, neither pick the family to be born nor anything which spontaneous came into your possession. To make this more serious you neither know what day your existence will cease nor how that will happen. By saying so, o King you are still a mere man, therefor fear your Creator and constantly seek for his advice and council diligently. With such potential and potential you may feel overwhelmed and confused, probably this will elevate your understanding or the projected reality in thine heart will get more puzzled than you already are, however my deeply concern for all this passages are these,

In either case, Fear Not To Be a King, Fear Not To Lead.

~ A loyal Subject


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