It’s hard and devastating to loose someone,
However it’s more dreadful to forget their contributions once they are gone,
Therefore with a heavy and mourning heart,
Let us put ourselves in Magufuli shoes and walk together.

We begin by been the person himself …
You are a leader, but you don’t have inner lust for power
You constantly attending their meetings, but you deeply have no interest in politics
You are educated, but still you have counter-intuitive and savage approaches of solving challenges
You lack experience in most of thing, but still have the gut of rationalize the situation and improvise with minimal resources you have.
To make a brief summary of you, you are authentic, courageous, hard-worker and emotional kind of person with your own weird life like any other human being.

The roller-coaster …
Then somehow you become a president, something you really didn’t planned of, even 6 months ago, it’s just happened like a déjà vu, the whole scenario has just happen so rapid in such a way that you really have to act base on what you know and have at that moment as the president.

This is your Tanzania and there you go …
You are leading a country named “Third world country” and somehow the country is on several international lists, as one of the poor countries in the World. In fact the country has an insane burden of loans from other countries to the extent that no any reasonable mind can dare to ask for any more loans. However in your thoughts you just wondering and puzzled, how can we have all these unnecessary spending from government which solely rely on loans of which we all know for certain we will never be able to pay?! Since you are emotional kind of person, this deeply troubled you; as the president this obviously diminish your position in most of international negotiation due to those whom you are negotiating with be the same individuals require payment of their loans. At the middle of this puzzle you realize most of country possessions have already been taken as the repercussion of this debt, this simply means there are things ordinary individuals think and believe to be Tanzanian resources but NOP! They are currently NOT?! And even yourself you didn’t KNOW!? They were taken long time ago by to offer a relief of such debts and trend indicate more and more will be taken if nobody will take drastic measures to resolve the issue.
So, as the president what do you do?!
Would you re-shuffle the whole government and start from scratch?
That can partially work but this gamble will involve a lot of tension and instabilities in many sectors until desirable operations get stabilized. On top of that it’s still not guaranteed the selected candidate will be able to cop and act accordingly based on the urgency of the situation.
Would you cut government spending to speed up loans repayment?
Somehow this could work however it’s a brutal approach to those in government positions and those who relay upon such chain of supply. As a president you will constantly experience a lot of hatred from the government since most of politicians will never be willing cut their spending voluntary for the sake of the nation.
Would you increase government revenues?
As the third world country, you will soon realize not only ‘importing more goods and the goods we export’ but also ‘the good we export are raw materials with very poor standard’ in fluctuating market conditions. This simply means our means of productions are still crude and government can’t actually get much from production sector. You may opt to increase tax collection to offer relief to accumulated debt but that will again stimulate stimulate negative economic growth for small businesses and international cooperation will stop their operations and move to other countries.
So, again as a president what would you do?!
Fact is, for each step you advance to resolve the debt problem there will be drastic sacrifice from the top leaders to common individual whom actually didn’t participate directly to any accumulation of such dept.
As a president you have to chose, or chose to CHOSE NOT (just stay silence until your session is over)

If this shoe feels way too big, allow me to interrupt you with another shoe.

You are leading a country termed as “A democratic country”, this simply means people have equal opportunity of participating in competition which involve acquiring particular positions but somehow individuals have mistakenly correlate EQUALITY IN PARTICIPATION to EQUALITY IN RESULTS which is an absolute fallacy. On top of that some politicians can mingle with media under the umbrella of FREE SPEECH and spread fake news. Well, as the president you somehow find yourself at the middle of individuals whom believe they can address whatever they wanna address “Regardless of credibility of information they offer” plus you can catch or touch them since you will be violating “Democracy” through “Free speech”. This is actually deeply problematic if you need community to be informed with credible news.
So, as the president how are you going to react on the situation?
Would you provide equal services as the government to create equal results to your people?
Honestly, that can’t create the equality expected by community. As the country been at critical conditions free provided services will eventually contain extremely basic services, if it’s schooling individuals will basically be be able to read and count however due to competitive nature of education or any other similar sectors individuals will be forced to opt for other options which at the end the results must differ regardless of how you equalize the opportunity as the government. This is the same for all other freemium oriented government sectors. It’s virtually impossible to attain equality of results by equalization of participation opportunities.
Would you force people to work hard in order to have what they need?
That absolutely against democracy, plus it can work in extreme minor scale, in large scale that is an equivalent of turning your beloved country into one hell of prison. Most of socialist governments collapsed with enforcement of such policy, with time Individuals get less interested in jobs, Less creative and The burden of power to government created a huge level of corruption until the whole government collapse. In brief, It’s a bad idea.
Would you let media propagate whatever news they have “whether it’s fake or valid”?
All activist will shout “Great! Oh! hail free speech!!!
However most fake news has been correlated with revolts and rebellions, even wars to worse cases. When the mass get corrupted by the fake news it’s almost impossible to rewind back the clock until it stop by itself and that can be huge risk for you as a president if you will not handle the matter seriously. Also when government put a lot of barriers in order to validate credibility of news, there will be a lot of delays and most of activists will constantly blame government for infringe freedom of speech. To make this more bizarre you can also opt to play the same fake news game and start the race of fake news with the media, but this will only create more chaos than what currently existing.
So, in president shoes what choice would you made and be ready to carry the blame for whatever come after that?!. Regardless of democracy been a wonderful concept when wrong interpreted and propagated it’s another time bomb whom anyone with careless moves can be blown in a air by it.

Up to this point it’s reasonable to try some socks. As a matter of fact, the risk associated with just these two shoes are top in the sky.

You are leading a “small countries within one big country”. Let me put it this way, regardless of all being Tanzanians, neither all belong to a single tribe, nor a single gender, nor speak the same language, nor belong to a single religion, nor having similar age group. There is wide variety of groups whereby each group act like complete blind of existence of the other groups especially when they submit their requests, on top of that other expects to receive special favors as reward of being close to you regardless of qualifications of their requests. Since you are human it’s obvious you can’t balance this regardless of how smart you are,

If you will start focusing on groups you belong,
Others will definitely blame you of ignoring other groups and only favor individuals whom are close to you especially tribes or religion.

If you will start focusing on external groups,
Your close individuals and groups you belong will cast you out as a traitor to your own people even if at that point it will be absolute reasonable to did what did.

If you will balance all the group which you are part of and which you don’t belong
You will still be blamed for not been efficient enough by all groups, since individuals from each will naturally want to be superior than the other.

If you will opt to close your eyes and never recognize any of groups,
All groups will isolate you and blame every move you make and this can be more terrible than selecting groups to start focusing on.
At the end it’s doesn’t matter what group you pick and focus on you will constantly be blamed over, and over, and over, and over, until you leave the seat or die.

Up to this point I deeply think even the pair of socks are more terrifying than shoes themselves. And that just the tip of iceberg of full responsibilities you as the president will constantly been be facing.

Here are my humble opinions and lessons,
, President Magufuli was one of remarkable leader we ever had in this country and the one which we will probably never have again for any near future. This argument isn’t base on empathy for his loss alone but for the courage he showed us and the price he incurred, something which some of short-sighted individuals and lunatic activist can’t barely grab with their thoughts. On top of that president Magufuli was a vivid example of what is required to be done and price to be taken for us as the nation, if progress is what we truly desire.
2nd, With all human errors, it’s absolutely stupid, useless and myopic to blame the president for anything, literally speaking anything. This is basically due to level of sophistication of presidential position or any leadership position you are addressing, chances are you could probably blow up the whole situation or make it terrible worse if you were in charge. All you can do is offering your opinions and recommendations, if they get nullified find other way around to carry on with your life. Leading a nation is really an intensive task with huge burden of responsibilities.
3rd, A gift of life is a beautiful one, but a temporal one, therefor it’s reasonable for an individual to be humble, spent well his/her time and fear God, whom I personally believe we are all indebted to.

~ Dedicated to 5th Tanzania President,
~ Hon. Pres. John Pombe Magufuli.


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