2nd Letter, Distribution of Power

Power Corrupt,
Absolute power, Corrupt absolutely

I may pretend to be a loyal King’s advisor while you being a King or Queen in your own Kingdom. By the way!!! Why pretending if we both know we are all Kings or Queens in our own minds. Surprised! Surprised! Saying so, let’s move on and begin, …

From mere words to pseudo laws
My beloved King on the first letter I explained about nature of principalities and how it’s almost impossible to eradicate the authoritative structures. Following that, the most eminent element in any Kingdom is Power derived by Kingship position, which have the ability to turn Kings worlds into the law the moment they are addressed. This seem to be little bit odd, since in democratic government it’s always take time for the law to be established, the process have to involve congress or parliament and other representative whom will draft and vote for particular law before fully authorized by the President. Regardless of this prolonged procedures and legalities, truth is, presidential statement [which is King’s position] has natural ability of becoming a law, the moment that statement comes out from presidential position, Law enforcement bodies will act accordingly and make sure all citizens [subjects of Kingdom] comply with what have been mentioned. With such regards it’s not easy to draw a line of distinction between presidential statement and law, when law enforcement bodies perform their duties. One can easily point separation of power between presidential and other position theoretically, however in practice that distinction always fade when presidential seat announce statement against what thou was standing for at first time, and this is the not applicable for government structures but can also be mimicked to various hierarchical structures, somehow, some position hold absolute power by default. This attribute of principalities may make thou feel absolute powerful, however with great caution I have to let thou know, this is the most intoxicating thing which have caused many kingdoms to collapse at the moment of their peak progress. After mentioning all of the above, it’s obvious that the King’s position is already associated with implacable burden of power even without clamming or taking it from somewhere, ‘Power is just there!’. At the end, o my King thou will eventually face two inevitable options, 1st, to contain all power by thyself and address all things as the center of attention, 2nd, is to delegate the burden of authority to the number of faithful subordinates whereby at their own rank they will act as kings on behalf of King.

Path 1, Corruption
Regardless of been appealing to most of individuals whom the throne have been entrusted to them the choice of consolidating all the authority to King have a terrible repercussion which actually can impact the King and the Kingdom as whole. But like any other form of addiction, so is power, it’s difficult for an individual whom s/he toil in addiction to actually understand the kind of bottleneck s/he create upon him/herself. Once power is deeply consolidated at one point it will eventually create an elusion of complete control however with all due respect, O thou King fact is it’s almost impossible to be in absolute control as an individual for the whole Kingdom, this kind of illusion will bias your decision and results to terrible and skewed laws which will indeed cause chaotic reactions from the subject of thy Kingdom. Parallel to that, the more the power is concentrated the more clear the target from an enemy point of view, with this regard thy absence from the Kingdom even for a very short moment will can cause amenable and dramatic change in thy throne. The combination of control illusions and potential threat from allies of thine will eventually raise a deep sense of insecurity which will cause a viscous circle of irrational decisions which can at the end create an absolute corruption and fall of your Kingdom. O thou King I advice an alternative path.

Path 2, Distribution
From the previous paragraphs it’s more appealing to adapt a different strategy in order to be a effective as a King. O my King in order to reduce the burden of power you will be obligated to re-distribute your power to other loyal subject. In theory, this can easily be explained however in reality it’s really challenge to get loyal subjects whom can act with regards of thy visions and aspirations, on top of that it’s get more complicated for thou as the King if thou don’t believe this to be the most efficient way of leading. In order to ease the burden of power as a King thou are required to be in the right mind and constantly listen and process words of your advisors, this has to be done with great caution and thoughtfulness. Fact is, the more you become efficient in selecting candidates with potential of fulfilling their duties without thy direct intervention the more effective thou will become in ruling and excel in other advanced areas. This approach can take time and require a great deal of patience and understand of thy subjects, this is due to fact that human being have a huge variation of drives which made them act the way they do, pushing them too hard, or leaving them on their own can result to wide deviation of thy expectations, therefore thou shall be required to develop a great sense of what kind of tension to impose and not impose on your subjects while observing how they handle things. In this process transparency, loyalty and truth will suit you better than laws and regulation. O my King by considering that almost every word from thy position being considered as the law or almost indistinguishable from the law, thou will also require a great deal time to think before presenting anything especially in moments where huge amount of emotions are involved in the situation.

Finale, Choice
So, my beloved King I would like to nail my conclusion on the matter, and here it’s, regardless of thy power being absolute they are actually less effective if get executed in that manner, this simply mean in order to be effective as a King you are required to constantly learn and practice distribution of power with time on top of that, your words are just another form of law, so be careful with them. With all due respect, my dear beloved King you may choose to concentrate all power to thyself and make decisions at the mid of emotional turmoil, well, this will always have terrible repercussion to you and all of your subjects, However at the end the choice will always be yours. O my King I ought you to choose wisely.


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