What Do I Actually Need?!

First thing first, let us begin with your DREAM,
Yap! Your Wild Dream!
Whatever you deeply think you need,
After having that THING you NEED hold it dearly coz somehow you can definitely drop it down at the middle of this roller-coaster. Hahah…
I’m not kidding, hold it dearly!!!

So, in order to basically understand what we need, we have to tackle some of very basic questions about our existence. Now some readers may start to freak and create weird conspiracy, the moment someone point or ask about existence! So, let us keep it very simple and navigate common questions about existence then propose reasonable solutions with basic understanding …

1st Question, Let us check how we were born,
In any means possible, Is it possible to verify that you choose to born in family you were born? Coz, there is significant number of individuals who don’t want their families, Was you able to pick you mother and father? Coz somehow, some individuals wouldn’t pick those parents at all. Did you pick your birthday? Coz somehow you could pick another timeline, a timeline you think or imagine to be better than which you currently exist. So, in a nut shell you didn’t pick any of those parameters, you just somehow come to your consciousness and BOOM! You exist! You have a body whether you think you need it or not, you have particular parents whether you think you need them or not, you belong to particular country whether you need or not, you even have primary language to communicate whether you need it or not, you can go on and on, but there is a bunch of things I have including the fingers I’m using to type this article and brains to think, things I actually didn’t order them at the first place neither knew I would need them, I WAS JUST BORN with them. Up to this point you must be puzzled, coz it seems like we actually have a bunch of things around us which we really don’t know if we actually need them or not. Since we agreed to use basic reasoning we must ask ourselves, If we didn’t choose them or know that we need them or not then WHO did that primary selection?! It’s a reasonable question since even any other creature like a dog make some choices and have his needs. Then who primarily have the need or had to make a choice for us to exist?! Well hold that in your thoughts and DON’T FORGET THERE IS A THING YOU NEED DEARLY, and I advised you to hold it tight, so please, don’t drop it, coz so far it is absolutely hilariously but yet reasonable to propose,
It was not your need to be born, You just did.

2nd Question, Let us think like men or women,
Before dive any deeper, It’s weird to propose that somehow the world has reach the extent of dismissing some of obvious facts, like somehow we born either men or women, well you may like it, surprise by it, confused by it or probably ignore it BUT that the fact, no matter how certain group of individual try to dismiss or hallucinate around that fact. So, let say you are a man, let assume a typical man who want to be free and enjoy the life he has, At a first place as a man, Do you need to marry someone and take care of the family?! Well NOP! Unless advised and learn, most of men will prefer to have chunk of women around and carry on with their lives. But that not how this life works, as a man you will required to stick to one woman, raise a family and take care of your family, “In your head you may scream, I don’t neeeeee…d it”, but well it’s how things are. Well, parallel to that, as woman, you could wish to stay young forever, maybe never experience pain during birth process and have a bunch of things as princess hahah… But well fact is, you will age and if you bare a child you must experience labor pain, “You may scream again, who the hell designed all of this” or find alternatives options but at the end the price of finding other options can be wild complicated than the available alternatives. Now all of this doesn’t mean that it’s a curse to born as man or woman BUT the KEY idea is that as a man there are things you will be required to do regardless of your needs PLUS as a woman there are things you will be required to do regardless of your needs and to put this into a bigger perspective you actually didn’t sign-up for any of those tasks or feel any need to carry them at the fist place. Some of tasks you will carry them with a joyful heart and for some of them you will feel miserable and for some of them you will have no clue absolutely. Hahah… Do you still have that need in your brain?!! Just hold it! Let move on.

3rd Question, Let us predict our life span,
Well most of us think that if we do certain things in certain ways we might increase our chance of living longer. In fact, our lives are filled with all sorts of rules which somehow will guide us to live longer. Making it short, almost all human beings DON’T NEED TO DIE, there is ZERO need for that thing under many circumstance, we really want to live as long as possible and experience as much as possible in this planet Earth. But here is an undeniable fact THE CHANCE OF YOU DYING IS 1, it’s simply means death is a sure event, this is regardless of you, need to die or definitely fear and hate death, YOU WILL DIE and there is no coming back. Hahah… Whether it’s the end of story, the begin of new story or something in between, fact is, DEATH is REAL and INEVITABLE. Have mankind been able to conciliate with death since the beginning of history, well the answer is NO! Not even half of it?! A huge number of your dreams, wishes, secrets, desires or any crap you imagine in your brain will have to die with you, I have to admit that is deeply depressing considering the struggle someone experience in his/her life time. Well, at the begin of this article I challenged you to keep holding a thing you think you really need, coz in one way or another, it’s definitely delusional to have any need if we can’t solve very basic questions about who we are, why we are the way we are and how much time we have?!. But don’t worry don’t drop that dream keep holding it and let us drag it to another wave.

Psychotherapy Turn
For known or unknown reasons when individuals fail to grasp the essence of life they always tune their attention to psychology experts or some sort of similar counsellors whom are also human beings experience the same kind of shit all of us experience everyday, guess what the single question all of them face “What do you really need?”, hahah… and there goes the viscous circle until a patient miraculous saved or get total nuts, this doesn’t mean psychotherapy has no good to man kind but some questions are so deep beyond particular disciplines. If you read point to point up this level you will definitely start to realize in one way or another “YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING!!!”, well you may disagree and have a deep feeling of particular need of some kind, but that doesn’t make that needs yours you can somehow see this picture if you have a kid or parent who struggle with something and somehow get really concerned about him/her regardless of that need not been yours personally.

In clinic psychology, The more needy you are, the more stressed and depressed you become,
The more you realize nobody needs you, the more empty and depressed and suicidal you becomes,
BUT The more you realize someone needs me, the more fulfilled and grateful you become.

Well I get it!, It’s sound weird when you realize your life is absolutely not about you at it’s core. To make it more bizarre, you get to be born and have what you have and also have-not what you have-not, you will exist for a moment and then pass away. If you use common sense, you will somehow realize somehow someone, needed me to be born the way I was born, plus equip me with what s/he actually needed me to have and let me actually realize that it’s definitely not about what I need but what s/he needs. One can say, I get it bro! You are talking about Godddd….!!! Well I didn’t say so, but all answers suggest to call him out, Well you may fail to comprehend all of this but in simple language, …
….your life will never be the same if you will ignore ‘what you actually need’ and focus on ‘who is in need’, it might be your neighbor, a stranger, a friend, a relative or God(as I believe in God).

Hope you will reassess that dream which you deeply needed to be true.


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  1. Justine Mazinge says:

    Well received


  2. Okey Costantine says:

    Well comprehended


    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks, we kindly appreciate.


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