The essence of speech 🗣

It’s early in the morning, 🌥 maybe it’s super cold, 🌬 maybe you feel little dizzy coz you slept too late yesterday night, but all being said you have stood still on the morning parade line, of your School. Suddenly, you heard your name Mr. XYZ please step forward for the morning speech. You speak to yourself, “Holly shiiii…t, do they mean me”, you have forgotten that you were on the duty to give a morning speech. Now your mind is blipping and popping like a crazy monkey brain. You don’t know what to say and how to say it, it’s like you are in front of tsunami. Then, teacher on duty call again Mr. XYZ, please step forward, now you have to move forward coz the issue is serious. Well regardless of that, you think quick of just any topic and drag your feet forward. You step forward and say to the parade good morning everyone, they reply good morning … and then boom. You have forgotten the topic, Hahahah… you become speechless. What a shame!

But yet, several time we again become speechless. There are so many ways one can be embarrassed but indeed being speechless is one of them. You have dressed perfectly nice, you smell like a real smart lady or gentleman, then you arrive at the office for a business meeting or interview and the manager excited about you and simply ask, ” Hello Gentleman, please tell me a bit about yourself “, hahahah… you just mention your name and suddenly you freeze. Well, I see a dude saying but bro. It’s because of English language, seriously. Well, let say you and your friend are from the job and you accidentally met your spouse then she ask you, “… siku yako ilikuwaje”, you just reply “… ilikuwa vizuri”, it’s a pretty cool response then she turn to your friend and ask “… na wew je?” and the guy spent 10 min to narrate every small details happened at office in a peculiar very interesting way. It’s become funny and you all laugh, but deep inside, you are puzzled !!! cause you were together at office, then how did he came up with all this details, Well, you can end with a naive conclusion that this guy is just trying to impress my mate OR There is something he always does during the course of the day which I don’t!!! And trust me option one is easy to jump in.

Well, I’m not a grammar guru but here is one obvious fact, your speech uniqueness and flexibility has to deal with YOUR VOCABULARIES, that’s all. Well there are several other many minor factors, but let’s face it, when an individual fail to give out the required speech or talk, one of the main reason is lack of VOCABULARIES, i.e right variety words which will express the situation from the required perspective. A wise man once said, the core difference between rich and poor people is on their words and vocabularies . Your words will select the kind of job you do, the kind of individuals you hang around with, the kind of person you are dating with, the kind of kids you will raise, the kind of business you are operating, etc. etc. well you can keep adding to the list. Plus, there are scientific research, which indicate treatment of depression by replacing words like “… I hate this” with “… I’m grateful to make this far“. It’s that simple, google it. Think about this how many time you know the name of something and your friend know the other words for a similar thing, and boom you can’t reach the conclusion. Now if you face a client in business that count as a loss. But frankly speaking, it’s all the matter of searching and picking more synonyms, acronyms and antonyms (i.e other similar words varieties) of a word and work on them, the funny thing is all this is almost zero cost in our current information era. But most of individuals just for their own reasons ignore this, and end-up communicating like crazy monkeys.

So, the more you improve your vocabulary to suit the circumstance the more your speeches get better and applicable to the audience. And It Cost Almost Zero Cash To Do So.

In fact we all know what happen to those military recruits who fail to adjust to military vocabularies and keep talking like mama boys, the army always find the way to screw them. Free advice, just don’t let life screw you up just because you lack some language skills, my opinion for you, is to pick 2 words (either in English or Swahili or any) per Week in your field of interest and apply them in your daily routines, they will mean nothing in the beginning but with consistency you will have 104 Vocabularies per Year and that’s way better than been a crazy monkey.


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  1. Humphrey says:

    Nice broo

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    1. eleadmrina says:

      Thanks man, we will keep it up !!!


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