Timing the Time

Let’s play the Game
let’s assume your income source is nearly constant.
let’s assume your responsibilities increase exp.
let’s assume your strength decrease linear.
let’s assume we have a sample of 1000 individuals.
let’s assume resources are limited.
let’s assume the arrow of time move forward.
Can we survive to the end?!

I can bet what ring into your brain,
“Bro! What the heck is this!”

Game analysis
Let me put it this way, the first paradox most of individuals have, are or will experience is that, while their income remains fairly CONSTANT with TIME their responsibilities keep PILLING UP with TIME, that itself is alarming but its more alarming when you realize the pace at which most of our responsibilities pile up is exponential not linear, well someone can argue “Really, I don’t see any point here!”, here is the point, If you purchase a house, purchasing the house is not the end of business, that single house will need water, electricity, cleanness, etc. etc. OR If you have a kid, having a kid is not the end of business, that kid will require proper meals, accommodation, education, health care, etc. etc. Hey! Bro! Do you mean having kids and houses are bad things. NO! Hell NO! In fact those are things I always count as blessings however all I was trying to make you aware of, is the Exponential Nature of our responsibilities which doesn’t correlate with the general rise of income. Failure to see this most of individuals assumes things will keep being the way they are up to the end but start to realize as TIME pass the unprecedented burden of their responsibilities keep raising no matter what. So, let us add other assumptions to our simulation, STRENGTH, “really!…” yap! Whether its physical strength, general health or mysterious will power, they all fade out with TIME, so after realizing the unbalance between your general income and responsibilities, we have run into another puzzle, we AGE, but since most of individuals tend to ignore this fact with all possible means like how they deny the fact that they will DIE, they always taken by surprise of “what the F#$k has happened to me!!!.” Its like you don’t only have a limited time but also you have limited efficiency which keep decreasing with time. So, if we have income challenge, responsibilities burden and decay of our strength, what happen when we exist within a random sample of 1000 individuals? Well welcome to the saga of COMPETITION and REPLACEMENT, the inevitable!!!, now this make the game more tricky than how it was. But why are we constantly competing? can’t we just share the the available resources? Well, that possible however based on human nature on limited resources, unless sufficient optimization to mimic fictitious abundance of the resource is available, their current settings are to COMPETE with each other. With all this upsides and downsides of this game the arrow of TIME always move forward, if you studied chemistry, flow of time is analogy to irreversible reaction. So, if TIME pass, it has passed, that’s it.

rEaL LiFe …
If the game is so tricky cant we redesign it and change some of its variables. Can we go back in time?… It sound cool but if we don’t even know what time really is, how can we even think of going back. Can we create resources out of no where?… Nop!, absolutely not, we can only process, utilize and transform but for sure we can’t make resources out of nowhere, that not how real life works. Can we separate ourselves with others to avoid constant competitions and replacements?… well… I think COVID-19 has reminded us a big lesson that isolation is a mere hell. Reality is regardless of all crazy things individuals claim to happen after interacting with one another, we still need each other more than we know. So, can we change our aging process?… Big Nop! With all technology we have, that have always been way impossible than what theories have been suggesting, so in grand scale we all age. So, how about income and responsibilities? Well, its seems like these two can be twisted relative to the rest of parameters in the game, however the defaults settings are so fundamentally rigid for everybody to twist them. Regardless of many possibilities of income sources, we only stick with few of them also regardless of many challenges we encounter due to responsibilities we pick, we keep picking them again and again. So, is there any reasonable approach to face the game and adjust some of its parameters. Well, there is a counter intuitive approach, however it requires one to know the basics of math, I can here your … oh! No! Bro! , worry not its just a simple math.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory but tactics without strategy is just noise before defeat. ~ Lao Zu

The finale …
First things first, before we dig deeper, this is what I usually call a naive approach to the game and plus I believe been too smart can complicate the whole subject, so relax!!! let’s start … I Hope you still remember the concept of exponential, In simple terms exponential income source is the kind of income source which generate more income from itself or other sources as time move forward. For responsibilities are those responsibilities which generate other forms of expenditures as time move forward. So, if the game represents Life or Business …
The 1st rule which is mathematically correct and can indeed raise our odds of winning the game is realization that “only exponential sources of incomes can compliment the exponential burden of our responsibilities” in that sense we are obligated to operate within the range of exponential sources of incomes. Can I tell you THAT IT IS! or THERE IT IS!, Nop! As the matter of fact each individual has a unique way of utilizing and process resources s/he interact with, therefore what works for one individual can absolutely not work to another individual. On that view, when we encounter an opportunity the first thing to do on early stages is to constantly find the aspect/s of that opportunity which grow exponentially and focus with that. The rest lies upon individuals creativity or initiatives.
The 2nd rule is that, “Though life is full of random encounters, in whatever you do, have structure in place, have individuals fit to the structure and make the structure scalable with TIME” in such a manner that other individuals can compliment the decrease of our strengths, this requires us not only to play the game but also documenting personal insights which can act as the guide to other individuals whom will operate on various positions within the structure. Failure to do that, as our strength fading away our performance will also fade out and cause a backlash to the whole progress we attained.
The 3rd rule of the game is, “Know what time you are in”, are you at the beginning?, at the middle? or at the end/pick?, regardless of basic assumptions of the game being the same all the time, the game will always look different for different times, based on the when you looked at it. So, measure your time.
If you read this far I know there is a good chance of you adding couple of rules to the game based on how you at it, please share with me, on the comment section.


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  1. Justine Mazinge says:

    The most stupendous article i have ever passed by from websites, Great work Afromist….I would humbly request more of your perspectives on the Second Rule on some of your coming articles as it is where most of individuals wanders in middle of nowhere. I submit


    1. eleadmrina says:

      Kindly appreciate your feedback, On the next articles we will elucidate more about the subjects you enumerated


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